Miracle advancements

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Miracle advancements

I thought it might be a good idea to create a counter subject for the "Scientific advancements" subject. For posting interesting news about the completely anti-scientific advancements made with faith and miracles.

Here is a suitable example. Some organization is giving away free "Holy Oil" that cures Multiple Sclerosis, addiction and depression.


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We need to move Turi' string

We need to move Turi' string over here....

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Yes, I was thinking the exact

Yes, I was thinking the exact same thing. :)

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This mass exorcism on school

This mass exorcism on school children in Poland sounds lovely.

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Arizona Woman Sees Jesus In
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Like your posts. The reality

Like your posts. The reality of "seeing things" is that anyone can see anything if they WANT to see it. If someone looks up in the clouds, and they want to see their deceased grandmother, they will see their deceased grandmother, if they want to see Christ, that is what they will see...but it dosen;t mean that it is really there!!

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Couple Arrested For Selling

Couple Arrested For Selling “Golden Tickets To Heaven”, only $99.99.
To hundreds of people?! Would you by anything from these two?

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Unbelieveable!!! That is

Unbelieveable!!! That is exactly what I mean when I say that being taught ( "brainwashed") to believe in religion, and the whole biblical story about Christ, ALSO opens the door to believing in other nonsense, such as these kinds of scams. Why? Because people are being taught from a very young age to completely ignore common sense and reality, and their minds will be more open to be taken advantage of by con artists. I find it both sad, and pathetic how many people out there are so desperate to believe in a fantasy, no matter how ridiculous!!

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I always wanted to do that,

I always wanted to do that, sell them with a "double your money back guarantee".

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Horrors of religious

Horrors of religious stupidity:
"Texas church members accused of starving ‘demon-possessed’ toddler and then trying to resurrect him"


Starving the toddler didn't work? Then of course resurrection will work on him!

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sadly it seems that starving

sadly it seems that starving him did 'work'.

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Depending on the desired

Depending on the desired result... The demons left him, I guess.

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one organization running an

one organization running an add on tv daily in india. i see indian channels also. They selling holy oil and small god(idol) in rs.5000($50) only. I always laugh when i see these types of non sense on tv channels.

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LoL. "Evangelists also may or

LoL. "Evangelists also may or may not have the gift of teleportation."

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Another rape-pastor caught:

Another rape-pastor caught:
"Rape Pastor Victor Barnard, Who Claimed He’s Jesus, Is Caught in Brazil After a Long Manhunt"

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LoL, there be dragons...

LoL, there be dragons...
"Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we know so well from fossils."
Only $29.95

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Would that be the Dracorex

Would that be the Dracorex Hogwartsia gracing it's cover?

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They've discovered three new

They've discovered three new species of dragons... (yes, this should probably be somewhere else)


And a tomato isn't a tomato until some one calls it a tomato...

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Since it's not about giant,

Since it's not about giant, flying, fire breathing dragons, it would fit nicely under "Scientific advancements". :)

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"Don't vote. None have the

"Don't vote. None have the right to legislate except Allah":

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The license of an Iowa

The license of an Iowa chiropractor has been suspended for "engaging in sexual contact with several patients." The board said Charles Manuel, of Lamoni, engaged in unethical contact, which included performing exorcisms as part of his treatment for patients.

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David Hasslehoff, True

David Hasslehoff, True Survivor. An investigative look into the new Video that shows the spirit of Satan as Hitler is coming back. Armageddon is coming.

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I tried to find an

I tried to find an advancement in miracles but am still at a loss. I did find this though, for all of you that are under a hex or curse this is a must-read!


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Remember when the world ended

Remember when the world ended with Y2K?
End times prophecy was confirmed, order the emergency video "2000 Time bomb" now! For only $24.95 (plus $3 in shipping and handling).

Oh snap! It didn't end? Another prophecy fail?! Unbelievable!

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May the extreme right

May the extreme right religious caucus never lose its will to behave like raving nut-balls:


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Oh yeah, a friend of mine

Oh yeah, a friend of mine fled the party not that long ago complaining "the nuts have taken over!".

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The miracle of narrow

The miracle of narrow-mindedness strikes again. Seems like an appropriate and normal response...

"A Missouri Politician Is Suing to Stop His Daughters From Getting Birth Control"

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Far, far too many men who

Far, far too many men who still consider themselves the owners of their wives', daughters', and any other woman's uteruses...merely axlotl tanks.

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CyberLN - "merely axlotl

CyberLN - "merely axlotl tanks"

lol wow! (yeh I got the reference)

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Haven't read the books, so I

Haven't read the books, so I didn't get it.
Now I do, eeeeewww.

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Read both Frank's and Brian's

Read both Frank's and Brian's. You actually get a great view of how religions take root in societies.


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