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Jesus shows himself again
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Jesus image appears under

Jesus image appears under urinal!

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If you pee on him, will he

If you pee on him, will he bless you, or send you to that hell where you pee forever.

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She and her baby was saved

She and her baby was saved from a hurricane. If they had stayed in the house and hid in the bathtub, they would have died!

They are truly blessed, it's a miracle!
But she doesn't thank the lord?!
Wait, what?!
She's an atheist?! But... eh...


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Thanks for the video. I will

Thanks for the video. I will donate to help her rebuild, you know no christians will help her since she didnt thank the lord.

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I didn't even reflect over

I didn't even reflect over something like that! Wow. Christians sure don't act much like they are supposed to, according to themselves...

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A Christian man can walk

A Christian man can walk again after 33 years, through the miracle of yoga! Whaaat?!
No, then it's the work of The Devil!
Evangelical church in Las Vegas is torn apart over fears of the Dark Art of Yoga!


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LOL. I had never heard of

LOL. I had never heard of this church (it is in the metropolitan area where I live). I checked it out, it is a strip-mall church; classic!

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Blood red waters in Brazil,

Blood red waters in Brazil, the endtimes are upon us!

Read the comments for the real fun.

It's caused by algal bloom, called "Red tide"
It's not always red, and it's not connected to the tide, so the name is somewhat deceptive.

Not that uncommon:

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FSM sighting, http://imgur
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Looks more like C'thulhu.

Looks more like C'thulhu.

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Splitter! :D

You insult my god?! My god is much stronger than your god! :P

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My daddy can beat up your

My daddy can beat up your daddy! I mean my god... Yes, that's it... My god, not my daddy.

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Na-uh!! *Throws sand in you

Na-uh!! *Throws sand in you face and runs*

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I'm telling!

I'm telling!

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Wait, why is your daddy

Wait, why is your daddy trying to rub my butt?

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Allen 1:69 of the unknown

Allen 1:69 of the unknown gospels:

"And so it was that the Lord thy Daddy did send out into the world His hands of judgement to caress the behinds of the unbelievers, that He would know them and they Him,
for Daddy had made the behind the seat of knowledge understanding.
But when Daddy had sufficiently known the behinds of the unbelievers and found that their bums were hard and firm in their disbelief, and that they resisted His loving caress, and did tense up at His touch, and were unyielding in their resistance of His advances,
He judged them naughty and in need of a good spanking."

And that's why it's okay for my daddy or any of his earthly representatives to touch your dirty bits.

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A miracle:

A miracle:

DarkMatter2525 no longer an atheist.


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Hmmm... I have the same

Hmmm... I have the same Thompson Chain-Reference (with fancy red faux leather cover) but it doesn't contain those passages. It's a conspiracy.

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Well, I found The Church of Adonitology. A new religion worshipping women with curves.
And to think they get tax exemption for stuff like a this.

NSFW, sortof...


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The diminishment of women,

The diminishment of women, coupled with the propagation of a paternal, authoritarian society - and all in the name of one man's narcissism...

Hmm, so, religion as usual then?

Seems legit.

Can't see why he doesn't deserve a tax break.

: )

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Humanist miracle fruit!http:/

Humanist miracle fruit!

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Hey, any chance I can get to

Hey, any chance I can get to see jesus I'll take it.


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Hahaha, that's perfect!

Hahaha, that's perfect!

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Best evidence of god I've

Best evidence of god I've seen yet.

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That's obviously why 'Dog'

That's obviously why 'Dog' backwards is 'God'!

And even though Jesus is the better version of Yahweh, he does talk a lot of shit...

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Afther the success of "Jesus

After the success of "Jesus take the wheel", lets try "Jesus pay my bill"...

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"Mom, that's not a picture of

"Mom, that's not a picture of Jesus."

Close enough...


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