A Modest Proposal

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Nope, Never heard of them....

Nope, Never heard of them..... but I am off to YouTube.

Like I said, Nothing stands out in a crowd like a man in a fancy dress.

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I think a "softly-softy"

I think a "softly-softy" approach would work best here. A congregation of the faithful exiting their place of worship, confronted by a bunch of happy-clappy folks in "Atheist Republic" t-shirts, chanting "We Forgive You!" would be challenging enough. Social media has possibilities as well ... imagine Oprah or Billy Graham's kids or any of those terrible tv evangelists receiving thousands of forgiving tweets! "Forgive a Muslim" day would work as well. I could be wrong but I think it's only the orthodox Jews who have nasty things to say about atheists.


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