More christian crap

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More christian crap

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"Because of our Christian

"Because of our Christian race, I mean our Christian beliefs"

That's one of the best Freudian slips I've heard in a while.

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It's fun seeing the fundagelicals do our work for us, isn't it?

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Mississippi two step.

Mississippi two step.

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Wow, I bet she had her KKK

Wow, I bet she had her KKK outfit in a closet nearby. Racism and religion, a marriage made in heaven.

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Emm-eye-double ess-eye-double

Emm-eye-double ess-eye-double ess-eye-double pee-eye pronounced "backward". Also in many situations can be pronounced "bigoted".

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Maybe those two gay guy

Maybe those two gay guy should get help with a lawsuit.

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...*hanging head in shame*...

...*hanging head in shame*.... Dang.... Mississippi. My "next door neighbor". Not that it matters, though, because my own state is pretty much the same in quite a few places. And to think I grew up with many, many people just like that. What is worse for me, however, is there was a time back in my younger years when I would have actually been agreeing with that lady. Thankfully, I have grown out of that mentality long since then. Still, I happen to know many people even today who hold the same views as the lady in the video. Welcome to The Bible Belt, ladies and gentlemen. My apologies to all.... *heavy sigh*...

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