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What make Mormons different from other religions? Some said that this is another brainwashing religion created by men. Their afterlife is somewhere outside our planet, lol. They have rules that are weird. What can you say about this religion?

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In the 1100's into the 1500's

In the 1100's into the 1500's it was the fashion in Spain and much of Mediterranean Europe to write biblical stories, kind of like Jesus fan fiction if you will.

This trend, just like they all eventually are, was revived in early colonial America.

Now, I will not name names, but I have heard tell through written memoirs that a man in Maine tried his hand at some fiction which continued the Jesus story. Everyone at the market thought it was so terrible that he, by his written report, ran into the woods and buried it under a tree.

Where was the book of Mormon found?

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Haha this is very interesting

Haha this is very interesting indeed, I think it is quite clear to most people that the whole Mormon 'religion' is a load of rubbish. It is far more a cult following than anything else...

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So it rooted from fiction

So it rooted from fiction also that lead Mormon believers into their crazy rituals. I wonder what are written in the book of Mormons.

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Craziest religion I have ever

Craziest religion I have ever seen. They have a very strange set of rules. The word itself, Mormons, make me thing of weird people.

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I know that some sect of

I know that some sect of Mormon are much weirder than others, but some are downright predatory in their use of children. Keeping the boys ignorant and casting them out of the community at vulnerable ages while the few controlling old men marry girls of the same age, like 12 and 13! The stuff in the news is very frightening, and given how closed they are to outsiders I'm sure there's even more shocking things we don't see.

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There are few Mormons in our

There are few Mormons in our country and I think their members are decreasing in numbers as more members are beginning to realize what kind of group or religion they are into.

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I don't know if that's the

I don't know if that's the case in the US... maybe it's just that they're beefing up their media prescience, but it seems like there's more Mormons around here than there used to be.

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when people talk about

When people talk about Mormons and all the messed up stuff they do they should keep in mind that the FLDS (Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints) also called Fundamental Mormons once headed by Warren Jeff who was once on the FBI Most Wanted list before his capture was not recognized by by other Mormon groups as a real extension of the Later Day Saints. It is the FLDS group you usually hear about in the news called Mormon with stories about sexual assault of both minors and adults alike, racism, inbreeding, educational abuse, social security abuse, and sending uneducated children out on their own because they don't follow the rules for example: some kids were kicked out for doing things a simple as wearing a Metallica shirt. Just keep this in mind before stereotyping all Mormons or members of the church of Later Day Saints. that all being said, crazy group none the less.

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Kind of makes me feel bad for

Kind of makes me feel bad for Mormons - the FLDS is giving them an even *worse* name!

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I knew someone who is a

I knew someone who is a Mormon and I just do not give time listening on what is her beliefs and how it differs from other. So, I really do not know a thing about their religion.
What I give more value is that how is she as a person and how she deals with me. :)

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