Muhammed and Ayisha

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Muhammed and Ayisha

Hi i see a lot of articles justifying muhammed's marriage to ayisha , lot of people are saying that she was 9 but matured at her the time and in some hadith it is said that she fell ill and her hairs fell off which is a sign of mensturation in women. And many more reason are given in the link below
Was this refuted ?. Please post your views .

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Muhammed was a paedophile who

Muhammed was a paedophile who screwed a child. That's all you need to know.

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Muhammed is too central and

Muhammed is too central and important in Islam, they have no choice but to try to justify it. But I only see this as an excuse to justify pedophilia.
And for those among them who actually would like to have sex with/rape children, it is of course a great justification to do so, Muhammed himself had a nine-year-old.

Like this poor woman, who got her nose cut of when she refused to let her husband have a second marriage with a six-year-old.

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