My psycho mom just took away my purse without ANY warning!!

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My psycho mom just took away my purse without ANY warning!!

My psycho mom just took away my purse with ALL my belongings away without ANY warning!All I did was ask my brother questions about why he took my pizza I was about to eat any my mom started yelling at me and ran into my room and took my purse! And said stay away or you wont get this back, but then she changed her mind and decided to not give it back anyway!! This has all my belongings my phone, money, everything!!

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A better question would be

A better question would be why you posted it here. This is the debate forum, not the spoiled brat forum.

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You must know her personally,

You must know her personally, since you know she's the brat and her mother is innocent and in the right.
Some people behave like this. Even if she was arguing with her brother, I have no idea why a parent would have the right to take a girl's purse away. She sounds manipulative. By the way, nasty picture up there. If you want to glorify suicide, do it by killing yourself.

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This another joking thread!

This another joking thread! lol! Maybe their are posters who are just bored with the debate topics so decided to come up with their own topics!lol!

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Girl, come on! Do like I do,

Girl, come on! Do like I do, you have to have a back-up purse...

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