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The Naked Sun

Since I am reminded, these days, of Asimov’s “The Naked Sun”, I think I’ll re-read it. It seems a bit current.

I’m always looking for great books...what are you reading now? I’m almost finished with a Spinoza biography and would love some recommendations.

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Have you ever read Mary

Have you ever read Mary Renault's novels about Theseus and Alexander? I've just finished "The Bull from the Sea" and "The King Must Die" and now I'm starting "Fire from Heaven".

I recently read Stephen Pinker's "Enlightenment Now", which I found to be a refreshing challenge to the constant stream of doom and gloom that we get from the sensationalist media.

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Thanks, Algebe! I’ll check

Thanks, Algebe! I’ll check them out.

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Elane Pagels: Origins of

Elane Pagels: Origins of Satan, The Gnostic Gospels. Two of my recent favorites.

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Funnily enough, I have just

Funnily enough, I have just started re-reading Asimov's Guide to Science.
I got it out in the first place cause it has the periodic table in it. 1972 edition, very dated, only 105 elements not 118.

Its not a dry science text book. In his usual creative style its written more as a mystery investigation, starting with ancient premises then step by step, each contribution of all the players including the anomalies their work produced, leading to more investigations. He gives no spoilers until the history has been played out.

As a bone fide scientist he was one of the true science fiction authors, before it all became science fantasy.

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Maybe because we took them

Maybe because we took them apart in english lit many many...many moons ago...but good re-reads...the catcher in the rye(salinger) or of mice and men(steinbeck)

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I am a tremendous fan of

I am a tremendous fan of Isaac Asimov. I have read perhaps 350 of his (estimated) 495 books.

If you can, get your hands on 'The Planet That Wasn't', as it has a brilliant essay on the existence of God, called 'The Judo Argument'.

Judo is the Japanese art that's based on the philosophy of using your opponent's own strength against him (or her), so Asimov chooses to call 'scientific' arguments for the existence of God (usually by religious people) Judo arguments, since it's religion using science's own tools to discredit science with regards to the existence of God.

This essay alone is a jewel of critical thinking, but all of the other essays are worth reading.

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Yay! Another hard science

Yay! Another hard science fiction fan!

I’m lucky enough to have two letters from him.

It breaks my heart that he felt he had to hide having AIDS because people are too often complete assholes.

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Agree 100%.

Agree 100%.

I also have a few letters from Isaac Asimov that I have framed in my home office. I wrote to him when I was a teenager.

I am also a hard science fiction fan, and I occasionally write it professionally. I've had short stories in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Blood Moon Rising, Noir Nation, and a few other places.

History tells us what was, and science fiction tells us what might be.

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I just finished "The Hobbit",

I just finished "The Hobbit", and intend to get down with "Nightfall" very soon.

I am also a science fiction nut. I devoured anything in the science fiction section of my library, including (of course) Asimov, Clark, and Heinlein. After reading a good book, I will not read it for at least another ten years, so that when I re-visit that wonderful work of prose, it is fresh.

Let's put it this way.. I have a book rack in my washroom.

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Just started listening to

Just started listening to Ehrmans newest, Heaven and Hell, a history of the afterlife and it's doing me good. I've finally read and retained enough that I can follow along with some of his explanations and piece things together on my own. Memory issues give me poor retention so this is a big deal for me. I'm really wondering about the connection between Greek notions of giving libations for the dead and the bible versus that catholics interperite as Purgatory

Between that I'm also listening to Anne Rice's Tale of the body thief and reading a physical copy of The Vampire Armand because it's audiobook is no bueno

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I didn't know he had a

I didn't know he had a "newest" Thanks for the heads up. I gotta go look for it.

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Yeah it literally just came

Yeah it literally just came out like 4 days ago. It's quite good so far, starts out talking about the evolution of the afterlife in the Greek traditions, which as a former Greek pagan I was already familiar enough with to follow along

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