new to forum-Can you tell by what I like if I am a theist or atheist

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new to forum-Can you tell by what I like if I am a theist or atheist

I enjoy motorcycles
I like chicken wings
I don't like guns
I believe climate warming is true
My favorite color is beige
I like to listen to Paul Simon-Diamonds on the souls of her shoes
I am in favor of the affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
I don't care who will win the Super Bowl but I will watch it -eating chicken wings
I am not in favor of the "Canadian" pipe line
I believe in a woman's right to choose an abortion
My sneaker size is 11
I don't like woman who where high heel shoes(especially red)
I don't use Crest toothpaste(I like Colgate)
I use mostly 75 watt light bulbs

I hope to enjoy the conversation in this forum as this is my first (maybe silly) post

Am I a theist or atheist

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Hi Kenny.

Hi Kenny.

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good call

good call

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Who has the best deal for

Who has the best deal for chicken wings for the super bowl

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Are you joking? You didn't

Are you joking? You didn't even mention your spiritual beliefs.

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That was the point, Kennycat

That was the point, Kennycat is trying to be clever again by bringing up a non-argument in the debate room. "Can you tell if I believe in gods by some of my non-believing-in-god traits?" is the question. Somewhere in his/her convoluted logic this is probably an important sociological experiment.

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Hold... my magic eight ball

Hold... my magic eight ball says... "it will be so".
Does that answer your question?

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