A new name for theists

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A new name for theists

I saw a good article on vaccinations and the anti-vaxxers. See https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2018-07-17-vaccine-sceptics-... (the author is also atheist)

The first paragraph interested me: "Anti-vaxxers, who generally believe that there is a high risk that vaccines cause serious side-effects such as autism, hate the term “anti-vaxxer”. They believe it to be insulting and prejudicial, used to shut down debate rather than engage with what they believe to be rational arguments and legitimate fears. True, the term is designed to do that, because refuting the myth that vaccines pose more risk than benefit has become tiresome after 20 years in the trenches."

So the anti-vaxxers feel they are insulted by having "anti" in their name.Theists may feel they have the upper hand because we are anti-theists.The anti-vaxxers deserve the ridicule, but atheists don't.

It got me thinking that we should not give a positive name to these faith idiots. Theist is positive vs atheist is negative. We need a negative name for theists and a positive name for atheists.

What about calling them anti-atheists?

I can't think of another word describing us. Some atheists call themselves humanist, but that's got a different connotation. It's not really appropriate to include the word science in our name because not all atheists are scientists and Christian Scientist have used the word anyway. Your views?

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Everything you ever wanted to know about vaccinations.

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Athletic Jogger: They believe

Athletic Jogger: They believe it to be insulting and prejudicial...

GOOD! Anyone as moronic, stupid, senseless, retarded, ludicrous, idiotic, dumb, unintelligent, naive, insane, irrational as those... those... mentally impeded boobs DESERVE to be insulted and prejudiced.

They are as low as the scum who would rather their child die by giving them prayer instead of PROPER medical attention and care.

"The anti-vaxxers deserve the ridicule, but atheists don't."

And ANY atheist who is an Anti-Vaxxer deserves even more special case of ridicule. For they are given us True Atheists a bad name. Thus, the deserve that special case of ridicule.


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I think anti-vaxers are

I think anti-vaxers are culpable in the illnesses and deaths of those who have medical contraindications for vaccinations.

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