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New US dollar coins

I recently came across a photo of the new US dollar coin on FB and the person who shared it said she won't accept the coin because "In God we trust" is not on the main face anymore but is instead engraved on the side of the coin. I became peeved when I saw one person after the other supporting her statement and even saying they wanted to boycott the coin. I left a comment saying America is a melting pot of peoples who claim various faiths and non-faiths, it is insulting to see people up in arms over a narrow statement being put on currency which is something everyone uses.

What do you think?

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Well to me it is more a

Well to me it is more a historical thing than a God thing, but to some its a strictly religious thing. I like it being on the coins because it's another thing to remind us about our countries history and so I see it as important in that way, but I also see this as a personal desire and what is good to me is not necessarily what best for all. I however also do see the the argument which I strongly support about separation of church and state! More importantly however, I see the argument that it should not be forced on anybody. Now its hard to live in this country without money so I guess that would be a serious problem. to me it has no effect on my life and I will gladly take anybodies dollar coins they refuse to use for lack or presence of In God We Trust on them. Honestly I think it should be voted upon every presidential election and the votes can be used to determine what goes and stays on the coins.

This reminds me of the whole Pledge of Allegiance fiasco which I feel there should be nobody telling schools they can not say or teach it, but I also feel there should be nobody in the schools or businesses forcing anyone who doesn't want to to partake.

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I think putting god's name on

I think putting god's name on money is an insult to god in some way. It was said that money is root of all evil, so why engrave the word "god" on money. Isn't it ironic? I know the reason why the phrase "in god we trust" was embedded in the American money is to remind everyone the god is the owner of all the things in the world and to remind the people about the faith they they should always have, but there are other ways to do that. We can embed the word god in more appropriate things, statues, places etc and not in money.

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Perhaps it should be changed

Perhaps it should be changed to God Help Us All!.JK

I think it was during the War of 1812 the term "In God is our trust" was popularized and found its way into the Star spangled banner. Originally, it was a battle cry/prayer for guidance and eventually was adopted as the national motto rather than as you say there to remind the people about faith that they should always have. A shortened version "In God We Trust" was originated from use as a battle cry during the civil war by the 125 Pennsylvania Infantry.

Reverend Watkinson wrote a letter dated November 13, 1861 and petitioned the Treasury Department to add a statement recognizing "Almighty God. It was also considered for coinage and used to indicate that the God was on the Union side in the Civil War for psychological effect meant to motivate the Union side and place fear in the opposition because it insinuated that God was with the Union. The first coins 1 and two cent pieces were issued with the motto in 1864 one year before the wars conclusion.

Personally, I really like E Pluribus Unum Latin for "Out of Many, One!"

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Lol, I like that one :) God

Lol, I like that one :) God help us all indeed!

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Actually it is in Timothy,

Actually it is in Timothy, and it is "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." Loving money is the root, not money :)

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That was interesting! The

That was interesting! The motto is indeed historical so it means that Americans were more religious and maybe there are still very few atheist that time. The motto might had been motivated them enough as they have won several wars and economic depressions.

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"In God we trust" was

"In God we trust" was actually not adopted as the official motto of the United States until 1956... Not ver historical. They actually used it to replace "E pluribus unum" (Out of the many, One) a much better motto and secular.

E pluribus unum should be on the money instead. Regardless, "god" is subjective... So whatever.

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I think this issue is a big

I think this issue is a big deal to those who are religious. It would be nice if a more neutral unifying statement was used since it's always nice to feel united :) As what you all have mentioned. I do think the pledge issue is absolutely appalling - it is bizarre to hear people up in arms about removing "Under God" when it was barely added in the '50s!

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Agreed, and the same with "In

Agreed, and the same with "In God We Trust"... in 1956.
The E Pluribus Unum is so fitting for the United States. A better motto indeed, signifying all for one "being strong together"

Here in Canada it is A Mari Usque Ad Mare "From sea to sea"... Also fitting

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We use the term Sea to

We use the term Sea to shining Sea here in the US as well. I never liked the term from sea to sea in reference to the US, to me there is a difference between a sea and an ocean and one way to define the difference is a sea smaller than an ocean is a salt water body of water surrounded by on at least three sides by a land and is relatively landlocked. Examples of Seas are the Mediterranean Sea,Caspian Sea, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Yellow Sea, China Sea, Sea of Japan, here is a list of seas from this list you can tell seas are generally connected to and smaller than Oceans and in some cases smaller areas of water contained within Oceans, while an ocean is more of a great expanse of water. Another thing you will find there is that another way to define Sea is the totality of interconnected bodies of water also known as the World Ocean. To me the Atlantic and Pacific qualify as oceans and not seas, in the way the sea can be defined as totality of interconnected bodies of water one could argue that the Us in fact does go from Sea to Sea but then so do many nations and that is nothing special. What are your thoughts?

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You're right, there are

You're right, there are countries surrounded by oceans and not buy just sea but that does not make them special.
Anyway, there should be other phrase to be use in the money and not connected to god,maybe something about economic progression can do good.

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Well, considering the US

Well, considering the US dollar is supported mainly by the corruption of the few powerful elite and the suspended disbelief of the masses, I see no reason why a reference about god wouldn't feel right at home on the front of those coins.

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