New year's eve, let the celebrations commence.

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New year's eve, let the celebrations commence.

OK so in a few hours I have friends and family coming over to get absolutely ruined. I have been cooking since last night, but as this the first new years eve in twenty years without my wife stressing the fuck out of me, it's been a doddle I must say. Just some bread rolls left to make. I'm having a couple of looseners now, or prinks as my fiend's 17 year old daughter tells me they now call them. Though I don't need to preload obviously, this being new year's eve, and my own gaffe.

I thought we could all share our plans if we have them, and maybe any resolutions or plans for the coming year?

Plenty food and drink, and with the bread rolls baked I can now relax, people will be coming over from 18:00, of it's 16:20 here at the moment.

New diet and training regime in new year, as much as my age and health will allow anyway. ;-)

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Well, the wife has to work

Well, the wife has to work this evening, but usually gets out early on New Year's Eve. So she should make it home well before midnight. Then it will be a few light snacks, a couple of relaxing drinks, and a couple of hours of comfortable chit-chat, reflecting on the events of this past year, and speculating on the year to come.

Speaking of things to come, we found out that we will become grandparents sometime within this coming August. My wife's daughter (my stepdaughter) and her fiance announced the wonderful news to us on Christmas day. Therefore, my new year will be spent primarily working overtime in my basement workshop building various items for the new family member. A diaper-changing table and a crib for starters. After that, I have a slew of toy ideas that both mommy-to-be and my wife have already sent to me over the last few days... *chuckle*... Sawdust will be-a-flyin'! Also, we will be converting one of our smaller spare rooms into a nursery.

Yep, this new year will definitely be like no other I have ever had. Having never had kids of my own, I certainly never expected to be a grandpa. Funny where life can lead sometimes, huh?... *grin*...

Have a happy and wonderful New Year, everybody!

Edit to add:

Such a beautiful song. "Old Lane Sign"

"...Should all the beers that we forgot
Ever wash down our pork rinds.
For as we stumble down the block
Straight into the old lane sign..."

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Congrats, Tin! Grandbabies

Congrats, Tin! Grandbabies are the best!

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Congratulations, grandchildren are the best, a real privilege, especially if like me you never had children of your own.

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I must say today has been one

I must say today has been one of the most pleasant New Year's Days I have had in a very long time. Started last night when our mommy-to-be came by unexpectedly and stayed the night with us. Really made my wife very happy, because those two rarely have much extended time together due to work schedules and life in general. They spent the evening watching a movie and talking about mommy and baby stuff. It was really nice hearing them laughing and cutting up with one another.

After a yummy little breakfast this morning, my wife decided she wanted to go to a local crafts store to get a few items for making baby blankets. Plus, she and I are working on a little mobile to hang over the baby's crib, and there were a couple of things we needed to complete it. Again unexpectedly, mommy-to-be asked to go with us. "Heck yeah! Absolutely!" More time for her and my wife to spend valuable time together, and they have a banter between them that can be quite amusing and entertaining at times.

So, after an hour or so of gathering needed materials in the crafts store, we head to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch. Naturally, I had to get an order of the hottest wings on the menu. They were burning and painful, but too delicious to stop eating. So, I sweated and shook with watering eyes, and they both laughed their asses off at me. It was great... *grin*...

Now we are back home, and mommy-to-be is currently upstairs taking a nap. Meanwhile, my wife is crocheting a baby blanket, and I am taking a break from working on the mobile. All in all, it has been a wonderful New Year Day. 2020 is off to a good start.

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I think the only places that

I think the only places that celebrate New Years in this country are Seoul and Busan. I think there was a celebration down town someplace/ Some people were talking about going to see a band at Sky Park. My guess is a bunch of foreigners getting together. I think I will stay home. I had Chicken burritos and pink lemonade. Yum. Happy New Year!

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For the last twenty years, we

For the last twenty years, we have gone over to a friend’s house for a ton of high fat foods and six of us play poker. We raise a glass at midnight and are headed home by 12:15. I guess we are not overly exciting folks.

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Drinks with wifie...a nice

Drinks with wifie...a nice bottle of pink Moscato for her and a Tassie Pinot Noir for me. A cuddle from Captain Cat and off to bed....

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Happy New Year AR!

Happy New Year AR!

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In latter years, I've stayed home watching TV, asleep by 10.

This year as was especially gratifying. First time ever I have not been woken by revellers at midnight.

No, I'm not a New Year's Grinch, simply a recovering alcoholic (17 years) who is determined to stay sober . I get very thirsty if around others are drinking. Besides, being the only sober person in a room full of drunks is excruciating for me .

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Well hope everyone enjoyed. I

Well hope everyone enjoyed. I have just now finished cleaning, and washing and putting away dishes and cutlery. just dropped some stuff off at my mother's, and now I'm relaxing, as I have work tomorrow.

Happy new year everyone. I have to get back into training, eat more healthily, reduce my alcohol intake, and start taking regular exercise including weight training. Looks like my divorce will be finalised sometime in February, and from there I should find out what I have left after it. At least then I can start planning my financial future.

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Welcome to the new year and

Welcome to the new year and decade AR!

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