North is south, the number of days & the first day on earth

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Too bad Mo is gone. I could

Too bad Mo is gone. I could have had some fun with the horse hoowhee he dumped in that OP.

Did anyone actually read the whole thing?

I am going to do that now. I need a good laugh.


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@Arakish Re: "Did anyone

@Arakish Re: "Did anyone actually read the whole thing? I am going to do that now. I need a good laugh."


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@ Tin-Man Re: "DON'T DO IT,


Don't worry. Since Straw Dude and I hang out quite often, I can borrow some of his...


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Mo, you make no sense at all,

Mo, you make no sense at all, son.

Nevertheless, you should not make the world wait any longer for your personally acquired knowledge of cosmology as revealed to you by Allah and the Koran. Go now to the NASA website and bother - err- tell them. At the very least you'd be shoo in for a Nobel prize, maybe several, AND millions of dollars of research grants.
The scientific community would love a decent chat for once and would be ever so grateful if you would only tell them where they have been going wrong in so many places for so many years. NASA is also a great way to meet chicks.

Don't waste any more of your time with this gang of intolerant unwashed pagan pig-ignorant atheists. You will save no souls here. And besides you said yourself that you haven't come to proselytise but to share your wisdom. Don't waste your pearls in this evil forum of obtuse profane iniquity. Go now, your destiny awaits while the world hungers for your redemptive knowledge.

Do the right thing, go spread your revelations somewhere else. You are doomed to receive insults, derision and the odd guffaw here from the unteachable atheists.

Strong is the force in this one, mmm.

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@Grinseed Re: Your speech

@Grinseed Re: Your speech to Mo

*sniffle*... *wiping tear from corner of eye*... *sniffle*... That was beautiful, man. Got me a little choked up there for a minute.... *dabbing eyes with tissue*...

By the way, Mo is no longer with us. So sad. He had so much potential.

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Grinseed: "Strong is the

Grinseed: "Strong is the force in this one, mmm."

Yeah there is something strong in that one. Don't smell all that great either.


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Aint it always the way?

Aint it always the way? Deliver a neat little speech for the theist and they get called away too soon...sigh.
Don't cry Tin, t'is all a cruel jest....and please don't wipe your nose with my feathers.

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We can only hope Mo is in a "better place" now... *sniffle-sniffle*.... *wailing*... Why did he have to be taken away from us so soooooon?!? Why?!? Why?!? Why?!? He was so young!.....

Oh, by the way, sorry about using your feathers. Probably not a good idea to be standing so close to the tissue box during emotional times such as this.

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@ MuMo

@ MuMo

Gone but not forgotten. Here is where I dissect MuMo's stupid and moronic bullshit. I am not going to include the entire OP in this post. I will include portions of it to show what I am addressing. You may assume the blockquote sections are from his OP unless otherwise noted.

Additionally, I am doing this in case he does lurk around and read. This way he can see why he deserves the title: Muslim Moron.

OP Title: North is south, the number of days & the first day on earth

What kind of moronic Thread Title is that? I totally ignored it until I saw it was started by he great Muslim Moron himself, Mohamad, better known as Mo. But to me, he earned the term of endearment of MuMo (Muslim Moron) if I were to use his official title I had for him.

"Judging from the previous conversation I was having, presenting Quranic texts does not help when discussing scientific findings with atheists."

Of course it does not. ALL religious texts are nothing more than a collection of lies plagiarized from far older sources. No religious text has ever, NEVER, been proven to contain any kind of knowledge that could even be called science.

"Therefore I shall leave the Islamic texts aside and speak in pure science."

Yes. One should not bring any books that contain nothing but lies when trying to discuss science.

"But you must know that the origin of the discoveries were from the Quran."

First I ever heard of it from all the science journal libraries I read papers from. Which journal paper was that? Who wrote the journal paper? What year was it published? About the only thing Muslims discovered is having to kill all those who will not believe in their religion. Otherwise, they may make decent goat herders.

"When explaining why the sun is currently OBLATE SPHEROID OR OBLATE ELLIPSOID"

Wow. Someone skipped Introductory Geometry class. Dude, you should leave that weed alone. And quit skipping classes young child.

An oblate spheroid is a three dimensional object. An ellipsoid is a two dimensional object. ALL ellipsoids are naturally oblate. No need to call them that. Already, you have shown that the rest of this post is going to be nothing but pure bullshit. Damnit. Why do I always agree to tackle the nastiest smelling jobs? I know. Someone has to do the dirty work of cleaning up around here.

"I attached an image for a section of the Carina nebula which explains in pictorial form where the origin of planets actually is, and therefore many DEDUCTIONS were made."

And I already asked, "So the fuck what?" Just like I did with the picture of the Qu'ran you attached to a later post.

"If a search is made in google for the earth's rotation around the sun, the results will always show that the earth is slightly above the sun's equator."

Wrong. Actually, the Earth's orbit is only 317km "below" the plane of Sol's equator when measured from the Epoch. With Earth's Semi-Major Axis distance from Sol being 149,598,023km, that 317km is pratically spot on being on the plane of Sol's equator. If measured as an error, it computes to only 0.0002% (or 0.000002) error.

"Yet the image of the Carina nebula shows the position of the planets to be slightly below the sun's equator from where the hydrogen "umbilical cord" is attached."

What?! WTFGDH is a hydrogen "umbilical cord" is attached to what? You have completely lost me on this one. The image you attached is NOT the Carina Nebula. It is near the Carina Nebula but is actually a part of the nebula that is called The Mystic Mountain. Super High Resolution Image for wall mural.

In the section of the image you posted, what you are looking at is the structure at the tip which measures about 3 parsecs across (≅ 9.785 light years). This means that structure is about 12,376 times larger than our entire stellar system.

Why is it Religious Absolutists will come here with no research into anything and swear they are the geniuses who invented it?

"Based on cosmological understanding of the position of the planets to their given stars, North & South are what they are, but the Carina nebula changes all that. The actual position puts North in South and South in North."

Shows how less than nothing you know. How do you think astrophysicists determine north and south out there in space? Ever heard of a thing called Galactic North? It is the ONLY north and south directions astrophysicists use for any directions outside of our stellar system. For within our stellar system, System North is basically the same direction that has been labeled north for the North Pole here on Earth. If I remember correctly, System North for our stellar system has an obliquity of about 39° off of Galactic North.

Basically, what you discuss is just a big pile of horse hoowhee.

"The planets in our solar system do not come in a straight line as explained by cosmologist, rather they are split into 2 sections on the right and left of the sun. Also, according to the picture, the moons always precede the planets they accompany, which means that the first day on earth whether it was completely formed or not has either a full eclipse or a ring eclipse depending on which side of the sun the earth was placed. Most likely a ring eclipse due to the outward perforation force depicted by the white "sonic" arched curves in the outermost edged."

Believe it or not. The planets in our stellar system are divided into two sections, the Inner Planets and the Outer Planets. The bullshit you speak of being on the right or left of the sun is pure bullshit. There is no right or left of the sun. The only directions for our stellar system would be Spinward, Anti-Spinward, Inward, Outward, System North, and System South. Where in hell did you come up with that right or left of the sun bullshit? The first day on Earth was actually before Luna was there. Earth had accreted about 200Ma to 300Ma before Luna even existed. Then a Mars-sized planet collided with the Earth. In the ensuing aftermath, the Earth was returned to being a Hadean fireball while Luna took about 50Ma to accrete. Thus, you are wrong about the eclipse horse hoowhee.

You are not doing very good relying on that book of lies...

"The Carina nebula would suggest that the actual number of days on earth would be determined by the appearance of a ringed eclipse every year (354 days) rather than the comparison of the position of earth with a distant star as Julius Caesar did to prolong the days of his workforce (365 days)."

And what exactly does the Carina Nebula have to do with determining Earth's orbital period? Not one damned thing. The Sidereal Method is the MOST accurate method for determining both Earth's orbital period and rotational period. However, it does not make for easy clock/watch manufacturing when the Earth's True Rotational Period is 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.0905 seconds. Thus, the tropical day is used which is the measure of when the sun returns to the same position in the sky after one rotation. This makes the day a nice round 86,400 seconds, or 24 hours (in actuality, it is 86,396 seconds).

And Earth's orbital is usually measured using the tropical day of 86,400 seconds. Thus, Earth's orbital periods are:
Sidereal Orbital Period = 31,558,118.4192 seconds, or 365.256 tropical days
Tropical Orbital Period = 31,556,908.8253 seconds, or 365.242 tropical days
Standard Calendarial Year = 31,557,600 seconds, or 365.25 tropical days

The ¼ day extra each year is why we have the Leap Year every four years. What most persons do not know is that for every year that is not evenly divisible by 400, there is NOT a Leap Year. Thus, coming up, the years 2100, 2200, and 2300 will NOT have that 29th day in February. However, I do not think the human species needs to worry about that. We would probably have made our species extinct before then.

"To know the exact time which corresponds to the first day on earth, cosmologist need to get all planets aligned on the left and right of the sun + have a ringed eclipse on earth."

No we do not. What you just said is so completely wrong, it isn't even wrong. It is the mentally retarded rantings of a moronic Muslim Moron. Now that is said when you have earned the label Muslim Moron, and you are called a moron on top of that.

"This subject is a dense one and I can't think of any other deduction for the time being"

Ahh. The little baby broke his brain.

"but I'm sure everything will emerge with the atheists that JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH."

In all my many decades of experience, it is the Religious Absolutists that cannot handle the truth.

Well, it was fun while it lasted MuMo.

By the way, allah hu qiteat sharira.


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A good break down and

A good break down and rebuttal Arakish.
I was surprised by the following comment:
"the moons always precede the planets they accompany' which if I have interpreted properly would mean we would have no tides. I hope I got his meaning wrong but I would not be surprised otherwise.

I get a genuine sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when guys like Mo and Jazzy and Alain start trying to push their misinformed agenda of pseudo science as if it were obvious and undeniable truth. Its like watching vandals draw crude phalluses with indelible markers all over the Mona Lisa. Its despairing what depths theists will go to with misinformation and delusions.

I will go out to the headland late tonight and watch the moon rise up over the sea...feeling better already.

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I do not understand anything.

I do not understand anything......O.O never studied any astro related subjects..... Am i supposed to study this in high school?

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Franz, you don’t need to

Franz, you don’t need to limit your source for learning to just school. Reading and conversation, imo, are the two best tools for it. Read science books, watch the TV series “Cosmos” and the like. The schools one attends prior to university too frequently offer very little in the way of substantive education. Read, read, read!

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Bravo Grinseed,

Bravo Grinseed,

How many times have we all seen this horse shit? "Ive found inconsistencies with evolution", "I know how the universe came to be", "I can prove god is real".......

And what is the end result, a gibbering tirade of utter bollocks.

The funny thing is, we all want to be proven wrong but especially science... that is the essence of the scientific method!

Silly muppets.

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The Carina nebula is at best

The Carina nebula is at best 6,500 light years distant. With out best tools we can not identify or take a picture of a planet at those distances.

Your argument is now debunked and invalid.

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What's your take on the Homunculus nebula and the Mystic Mountain?

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[blockquote]Also, according

Also, according to the picture, the moons always precede the planets they accompany

First... Picture?
Second... No they don't. Sometimes the moons are ahead of their planets, sometimes behind. They orbit around their planets very much the same way the planets orbit around the sun. If the moons were always ahead that would mean they were not orbiting. Which in turn means they would have crashed into their host planets a long time ago.

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Mohamed is suffering from

Mohamed is suffering from Dunning–Kruger effect.

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I think he’s been taught this

I think he’s been taught this behavior. Righteousness, superiority, seems fairly common among highly religious males.

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You spelt 'retarded' wrong.

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To be honest with you, Random

To be honest with you, Random, I don’t use the word ‘retarded’ as a pejorative. It’s a word I reserve to describe a physical condition, one a family member has. He’s a really nice guy and I don’t, personally, like to associate him to something negative.

This is not meant as an admonishment, just a bit of personal information.

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And I completely concur

And I completely concur CyberLN. I only use "retarded" to indicate a person who has purposefully retarded their mental faculties by accepting the Third Law of Religious Belief: "You are not to think for yourselves since our Holy Text contains all answers anyone can know. You must believe as we and the Holy Text tell you to believe."

That is basically my definition for mental retardation. The active process by which a person purposefully restricts and diminishes their own mental faculties. Not what the dumb asses 50+ years ago defined it. I now use the term mentally and/or educationally challenged. And in my honest opinion, EVERYONE is mentally and/or educationally challenged.

It has nothing to do with actual IQ. I posted elsewhere about how I had neighbors when I was a young child, looking out my front door towards the street, across the street and three doors down to the right. Both parents were considered to be "mentally retarded" by that current establishment. However, all three of their children were as intelligent and as bright as I was. Basically, this debunked that theist's claim in that thread (I forget the thread now). Just because persons may be "mentally retarded" or suffer Down's Syndrome does NOT mean they pass that condition on to their offspring. Yes, the chances are greater, but not absolute as that theist said.


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Well ladies and gentlemen, my

Well ladies and gentlemen, my sincere apologies.

Just a bit of harmless banter with nothing malicious intended.

Even at some of the daft interlopers that come on here.

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@ Random

@ Random

Hell, I love your harmless banter. You tend to be less vile in your language as compared to me. I have never assumed you had any malicious intent. Thanks for harmless banter. It provides a more comical destruction of the theists' claims.


Randomhero1982's picture


Thanks for that, much appreciated.

I guess it's always worth learning what a group do or do not like and adapt.

Where I'm from, anyone with a mental disorder is called by the literal disorder.

Retard is not used to demean the actual mentally handicapped and others with disabilities.

It tends to actually be used amongst friends funnily enough.

I'll go with thick as pig shit in future lol.

Again, apologies to you and Cyber.


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