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IN France merely owning a

IN France merely owning a recognised work of art means a healthy tax rebate in return for its proper care and maintainence. The wealthy and corporate donors for Notre Dame will not suffer.

I agree though that the Catholic Church should be responsible for the reconstruction costs...but then I am neither Catholic nor French.

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A Washington Post article

A Washington Post article regarding the billionaire pledges:

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@ I am agreeing wing Marlyn C

@ I am agreeing wing Marlyn C. The fucking Catholics are going to turn this into a windfall of cash and donations. People are going to be dying and leaving their estates to help rebuild Notre Damn. The Church is going to start begging for donations and get 10 to 20 times the cost of repairs from good Catholics areound the world. It's all horseshit. The fucking pope should just allocate the funds for the repairs. It's not like they don't have a few billion just lying around.

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Cognostic: "It's not like

Cognostic: "It's not like they [The Vatican] don't have a few billion just lying around."

Yeah. But that few billion is laying around so they can keep paying off the ones who come forward to keep their mouths shut knowing they are already in deep lava.


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Rather than rebuild it they

Rather than rebuild it they should auction off the relics, etc., dismantle the place and auction it off stone by stone. I'm sure the Crown of Thorns would go for a few hundred million for a start. Lots of wealthy people would no doubt love to have a Notre Dame gargoyle in their garden … or have furniture made out of wood from Notre Dame. They could even gather up the ashes and flog them (suitably packaged with certificates of authenticity). Some of the money raised could be used to renovate churches throughout France.

I'm sure God would be perfectly happy if France followed the above suggestion.

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I was there once, some years

I was there once, some years ago. Purely by chance (I was in Paris on business), it was during a service for the Pope who had just died. So I got to see the pageantry (choir etc) first hand. I can appreciate the art without believing the mythology, and it was quite an experience.

[Funny postscript, one of my Catholic co-workers was joking with me and said 'God got you into a church'. I replied 'True, but he had to off the Pope to do it']

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Historically it is

Historically it is devastating to see a wonderful piece of architecture damaged in such a way.

However, it is depressing seeing the amounts being raised for restoration, whilst children starve to death and people still live without basic clean drinking water.

As a species, we really need to address our priorities.


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