NY Cardinal Dolan just requested to head Trump Reelection campaign

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NY Cardinal Dolan just requested to head Trump Reelection campaign

NY Cardinal Dolan just requested to head Trump Reelection campaign


He has asked Francis to be "relieved of his religious responsibilities" so that he can co-chair Trump's re-election campaign. Maybe we will get lucky and Francis will interpret that as a request to be 'busted' back to the laity and we can get rid of BOTH of them.

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Huh, a deluded pervert,

Huh, a deluded pervert, trying to help a moron...who said the good old US of A was boring.

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@Mrs Paul

@Mrs Paul Owczarek

Clergy of all flavours tend to be politically conservative, siding with the status quo, so no surprise. One curious aspect. I can't think of any American president who was less christian in word and deed than Donald Trump has been. A malignant narcissist, Trump thinks only of Trump, first last last always.

That a cardinal would even think of supporting Trump I think says great deal about the cardinal's moral centre, and none of it good.

That' s the problem with dogmatic a belief system,; it can make people and organisations inflexible. Just like the Catholic Church and this appalling prince of the church.

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The perfect choice. Dolan is

The perfect choice. Dolan is a senior executive in a organization with a long track record of selling the biggest lies to the most people. In fact they invented the word "propaganda".

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Wow. Just further proof to me

Wow. Just further proof to me that Christianity in the States is really just Republicanism. I am honestly surprised Dolan made this decision.

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So this Dolan character, has

So this Dolan character, has just applied to be a real life version of The Deacon from Whoops Apocalypse?

By the way, if you haven't already done so, track down the book that accompanied the TV series. You'll find the section devoted to The Deacon especially amusing.

While the character of The Deacon was a piss-take of the absurdities and iniquities that arose from the wackier parts of the Evangelical mob, you'll recognise the type as being applicable to some Catholic clergy too.

Of course, there's also the little matter of the sordid history of the Catholic Church, with respect to cosying up to fascists. From the signing of the Concordat with Hitler and the Nazis, to the support lent by the Catholic Church to the utterly obscene Ante Pavelic in Croatia (an individual so brutal and bloodthirsty that even the Gestapo regarded him as beyond the pale), to the sleazy relationships forged with assorted military dictatorships in Latin America, the Catholic Church has been up to its neck in collusion with fascist atrocity and bloodletting for the best part of a century.

In the case of Videla in Argentina, even the fact that his secret police thugs tortured and murdered two French nuns, apparently wasn't enough for them to pull the plug on him. The nuns in question, Leonie Duquet and Alice Domon, were taken by Videla's torturer in chief, Alfredo Astiz, to the infamous ESMA (known in English as the Naval Mechanics School in Buenos Aires), and according to documentation at the subsequent trial of Astiz, were given electric shocks to the breasts and genitals, before being beaten to death. Despite this, the Catholic Church never severed ties with Videla's regime, and was prepared to push its own people under the bus in hideous fashion, in order to be a player of the geopolitical chess games extant at that time.

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" From the signing of the Concordat with Hitler and the Nazis,----"

Actually, church history with Fascists goes back to the Lateran Treaty ,signed with Mussolini in 1929. From that day to this, most nations have pretended the Vatican is a real state. In fact, it is de facto state only. This is implicitly recognised by the fact that the Vatican is only a non voting member of the UN. That means it belongs to a number of commissions and committees, which give it an influence to which it has no right****


**** My reference "The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuses by Geoffrey Robertson"

The issue of the faux statehood of the Vatican is dealt with in some depth.

The argument against the Vatican as a state include ; it has no citizens. All residents, including the Pope maintain their normal nationality. No currency, no armed forces. (the Swiss guard is a token force and the Pope's bodyguard)

Only a thin book, it makes riveting reading.

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Hmmm....I’m not so sure the

Hmmm....I’m not so sure the other flavors of xtianity will be thrilled with the choice of a Roman Catholic. Seems to me they aren’t that fond of papists.

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"Hmmm....I’m not so sure the other flavors of xtianity will be thrilled with the choice of a Roman Catholic. Seems to me they aren’t that fond of papists."


Are not a goodly number of die hard Trump supporters from the buckle of the bible belt?

If memory serves, those good folk actually despise catholics, not simply 'are not fond of'-----I'm 'not fond' of broccoli but I DESPISE almost all offal.

I'm sure it would not have occurred to the saintly cardinal that there are large numbers of Americans who wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. (and not all of 'em proddies)


Don't know if I've told this true story before:

Back in the 70's, a mate was in Belfast. He felt like a Guinness, so popped into the first pub he saw. Before he could take a sip of his Guinness, a rather common looking gent came up to him and enquired;

"Are you a Catlic or a proddie?"

To which my mate replied; "Well actually, I'm an atheist"

To which common-looking replied; "Ah, I see. Are you a catlic atheist or a proddie atheist?"

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The sole question on my mind

The sole question on my mind is who got in bed with the devil? And which player is the devil?

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