Oh my, they can pray while chatting?

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Oh my, they can pray while chatting?

I once saw 3 old women inside the catholic church. They are all praying with their kneels when I saw them. I sat 2 seats behind them until I noticed one woman whispered to the woman beside her, then that woman whispered to the next woman. Then they go back praying the rosary again, after a minute the third woman whispered back to the woman in the middle and so on, then they go back praying the rosary agaim. It was clear for me that they are not really focus on meditating with the rosary because they chat at the same time. Oh how good they are in multi-tasking. lol!

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Those people hardly ever have

Those people hardly ever have true faith of believe in anything at all. They live to gossip about the life of other people and barely ever do anything constructive with their lives.

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On the contrary, they do

On the contrary, they do constructive things while others are watching and only then. :)

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There are so many ways to

There are so many ways to interpret this, perhaps they are conveying to each other information about those who need prayer or they could just be using prayer as a way to bond with each other while they pray.

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I agree with firebolt here!

I agree with Firebolt here! The fact of the matter is you really won't know unless you pray/chat with them. Perhaps you could go undercover to find out assuming they are still devote enough to be there and still kicking around, you know go kneel next to them and whisper to one of them "What are you guys chatting about?" could be anything and Firebolt could be right.

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Yep. Speaking in such a way

Yep. Speaking in such a way without knowing the full story kind of perpetuates assumptions about them which may or may not be true.

Something about "bearing false witness" comes to mind. It's probably not a good idea to do that.

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Actually, when I was a

Actually, when I was a Christian, I was a member of Legion of Mary group and we pray rosary often. We had a lot of old members, and I had not only twice or thrice noticed them interrupted our group rosary prayer by just saying things not relevant to faith such as about other people or about something else. I transferred from one chapel to another in different places and still joined Legion of Mary groups on those chapel. And you know what? I met the same people over again!

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I think someone's god said

I think someone's god said something about not judging other people, at some point? Not my god, but if it were I would pay attention.

I'd let them talk, though if it were disturbing me I might move to another spot. It really deserves no further attention from me than that. If it were my aim to meditate on my rosary, I wouldn't want to let my thoughts about others ruin my focus.

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the other day i went to a

the other day i went to a baptism (a dear friend's baby), and my other friends (pretty much fanatics christians ) where taking pictures during mass and i was like oh and i'm the disrespectful on for not believing. Most people go to church because of traidition and not faith

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There's absolutely nothing

There's absolutely nothing wrong with tradition, it can be very comforting at times. But I agree, let's not mistake it for faith :)

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Oh yeah, that's why they're

Oh yeah, that's why they're being hypocrite. It seems that some religious people view faith as something that can be seen by merely being present in the church or by showing that they are at least praying.

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I believe that praying can be

I believe that praying can be done anywhere and anytime just put your heart into it. It will be very not favorable praying in a Church but your mind is out somewhere and talking irrelevant things with others. Time consumed in praying is not that much so better really concentrate on it, there would be lots of time that we can spend on talking about others. :P

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I'll bit the bullet and be

I'll bit the bullet and be blunt... how can you pray while you're watching whoever talking around you?

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Haha, this is funny! Actually

Haha, this is funny! Actually, this is more common among Muslims. They have to pray 5 times a day and it eventually becomes a cliche for them. I have seen people texting while talking to god! lol

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Hey, maybe they know

Hey, maybe they know something I don't - like God's cell number :)

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Hehe... Sammy you should

Hehe... Sammy you should check this out. I found it in an atheist FB page:

-Why aren't you @ the church ?
-Who is this ?
-Why are you texting in church ?
Pay attention .

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Lol! Someone should remind

Lol! Someone should remind God that texting during the sermon is rude :)

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hahaha tghats so funny. Even

hahaha tghats so funny. Even those that follow religion do so in a verty weak manner.

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It does seem that a lot of

It does seem that a lot of the ceremonial things are becoming just that, ceremonial and indifferent. People just do them for the looks or for the act of doing something that they have been taught to do since birth.

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