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"if Usain Bolt was decide to

"if Usain Bolt was decide to be female and we had to legitimise this and allow "her" to run in women's events, that you may as well cancel it and give over the medal."

I agree but folks here will call you a bigot for such notions, there is a whole thread on it.


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To me there seems to be two routes to the nongender or genderfluid thing. "She" or "he" seems to me to refer to the sex of the person. The contents of their identity are seperate of the sex, in their gender. Before feminist theory gender was assumed from sex. Now that gender and sex have become seperate, why is the route taken to not trivialize gender, but to reify gender and invent new ones. When some man feels that he would like to do female typical things, then is he genderfluid? So the representation of their outer clothing etc. changes their gender? Then the whole term seems useless to me. To me it seems like saying "I'm a punker" or "I'm a goth". It's trendy. If someone says that "I don't feel like a woman" while biologically a woman, what does that mean? That she doesn't want to represent as a traditional woman. That's fine. But you still are a woman. Why then invent a new gender? As opposed to transsexualism, the claim is biologically based, as opposed to genderfluidity, where the claim is totally social.

Well, that's a certain sort of problem with the Usain Bolt example. For some attention seeking people becoming of the other sex could possibly be a greater incentive, maybe. But how large that percentage would be? I don't think anyone goes trough such a surgical and hormonal journey light heartedly. I think transwomen should be able to compete in female sports. As women are in general less strong than men, the solution can't be uniting women's and men's sports, because there would be like 15% women and 85% men competing. Pulling the numbers from my heinie.

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People can call themselves

People can call themselves whatever they want, they can feel a kind of way, they don't deserve harrasment for it....but it does not stop there, society is expected to change for them .

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When and where is USA society laws is it mandated that people change in anyway for transgenders?

And no, bathrooms do not count, nothing has changed there. South Carolina tried to add a new law, enforcing change on transgenders there was no laws on the issue before the bigoted law.

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Ok so in your logic the

Ok so in your logic the multitude of New genders only expect broader society to not do anything different and just carry on like it always has. Why are you so obnoxious about reality?

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Reality is reality, if it

Reality is reality, if it ends up being obnoxious that is not my fault for pointing out reality.

Every cross gender/genderless person I ever met wish they were treated same as everyone else for most part. If they were treated equally and fairly they would not feel a need to try and stand up for their rights and be forced to speak out. Heck we can even get male/female gender equality right, of course it is a problem.

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I don't particularly care

I don't particularly care what people wish to call me, I follow the science.
Society may construct all the wonderful things it like but it cannot change natural facts.

For example, In order to protect myself, I study Brazilian Jujitsu and Wing Chun.
I know that over 90% if not all the men are stronger then me, have more power and generally more aggressive.
Equally women are more agile and so fourth.

We are physiologically and biologically very different.

And to quell the storm before I receive any hate, I did make it clear that providing that this revolves purely around gender and not sex, and that it is not enforced by law i.e. compelled speech, then I fully support any initiatives that help the LGTBQ community in become accepted and understood.

I also wish them nothing but love and good luck in their journey.

However, In closing, I maintain the stance from a purely biological/physiological differences of the sexes.

And we must remain consistent in how we act, in that we are doing brilliantly in using science and the scientific method to dispel so much theological nonsense on here, we need to keep that mind set for all situations and not pick and choose.

If the data changes, so will my thoughts.

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SJWs believe that sex

SJWs believe that sex differences is basically 100% social, whereas science says it's mostly biological. Science also says that the differences are measurable, but not large.. But that's not the point. The differences really show up at the extremes. Here's a Jordan Peterson video that explains the science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMoOu0L9Y64

As for queers and transgender people, it is sort of like religion. Science is agnostic at best when a person says they are a man when they are biologically a woman, but we are not really dealing with science at that level because people are emotional beings with emotions. It feels wrong to disagree with this assertion, so we smile and agree even if the science says otherwise.We pretend the person has special religious privileges such that it's bigoted to condemn their beliefs.

Humans are evolutionary wired to be religious. Even when we don't believe in God, we behave as if we are religious by ignoring science to appeal to people's wants and desires.

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As a SJW (ha!) with lots of SJW friends, I can't think of anyone I know that would say that sex differences (I'm assuming that you mean gender differences) are basically 100% social. For instance: all of my trans friends who are on hormones, whether testosterone or estrogen, will tell you that going on hormones changed things for them both emotionally and physically. The way our bodies are born, including our brains, hormones, etc., absolutely affects our gender. Of course, we are almost all socialized to believe that gender should look a certain way, and that affects us deeply as well.


Just an FYI that "transgender" is an adjective, not a noun. Similar to the word "gay". So I might say "I dated a person that's transgender" instead of "I dated a transgender" just as I'd say "I dated a person that's gay" instead of "I dated a gay".

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Glacier - I actually think it

Glacier - I actually think it is quite the opposite, personally I believe people are simply petrified of the truth and fall into whatever offers hope to them.

For a lot of people that is religion.

But it will never counter the cold hard fact that we will all die, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

My personal fall back is making memories with the people I love and trying to experience as many beautiful and positive things as I can, so that when I am at deaths door (hopefully in the extreme distant future) I can look back and say I had a good life and made the most of it.

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@Stone Jade

@Stone Jade
As a self proclaimed "SJW", what do you hold it to mean?

And are "transgender" and "transsexual" synonymous? Or is transsexual a subset of transgenderism, where in addition to changing their (social) gender, they want to change their sex (that is associated to the gender) too?

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I lightheartedly accept the

I lightheartedly accept the title of SJW because I figure I'm the type of person that's being referred to when that term is used. It's not a bad title except that it's used pejoratively. I'd like to think of myself as a person that fights for social justice.

I'm not an expert, but my understanding is that yes, "transsexual" is under the umbrella "transgender" term. A transgender person's gender differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. They may or may not desire to take medical action to physically change their bodies. When the term "transsexual" is used, it usually refers to someone who is intending to or has medically transitioned. However, the term "transsexual" is becoming less and less common. In my experience, most trans people who identify as transsexual are over 45. Transsexual is a term that is often used as an insult and can therefore be offensive, so I would avoid using it to refer to someone unless they asked me to or told me that's how they identify.

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@Stone Jade

@Stone Jade
Who doesn't want justice and equality? I was just wondering what it means to you.

Interesting. My native language does not have the word "gender". The English word "gender" was taken from linguistic gender, I think I read somewhere, and there is no linguistic gender in my native language, and hence no simple word for it, besides "social sex" (literal translation), which makes for awkward compounds. So here transsexual is the word for people going through sex reconstruction. It would make sense to make that distinction between what it is they are trans of. Didn't know that transsexual is used in a pejorative way in English.

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Maybe everyone should

Maybe everyone should actually see and hear what a trans person thinks about themselves....https://www.facebook.com/assignedmale/?hc_ref=ARSSsB8vJyTOfTcGeV7OLqm8KD...

Si is quite a talented cartoonist.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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I love her! She's so talented

I love her! She's so talented and has some really great insights.

Also, as far as I can tell from her Tumblr, Facebook, etc, she uses the feminine pronouns, she/her.

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@ SJ

@ SJ

She does indeed refer to herself as she. I used the genderless form as I intend to start using it in everyday correspondence, and of course when habit does not prevent me.Also it will annoy the fuck out of bigots. *wink*


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