Paranormal Activities at the Stanley Hotel

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Paranormal Activities at the Stanley Hotel

Hi guys,

So, basically this is not my question, this is just a curiosity. I've just found out about this hotel and the suspicious paranormal activities and I thought before I become emotional and start making "what if" questions, I should probably ask here, considering my reactions and responses to such events i.e. religious/supernatural/paranormal are more than awful.


The Stanley Hotel is a renowned place. It's been around for more than a century now. It wasn't very popular, though, among tourists except for being known as a haunted hotel where the apparition of it's owner would be seen in the ballroom, the wife would be seen somewhere, noises would be heard, the sounds of kids running around and laughing would be heard, cluttering of plates and more like that.

The hotel rose to GREAT FAME when the famed horror author and novelist Stephen King one day chose to take a break from life with his wife and booked a room, Room 217, at such a time of winter when there was no one else in the hotel. All other rooms were unbooked.


Stephen King saw a dream in which a possessed fire hose was chasing his son. FYI, the kids were not with the couple at the time of this vacation.

King went nuts, almost fell of the bed and woke up in sweats. He took a cigarette, smoked it and by the time it ended, he had laid the foundation of his book, "The Shining".


The movie is irrelevant to the paranormal activities because they were happening LONG BEFORE King even came. His presence just made another rumor that room 217 is even more haunted and it confirmed that the hotel was indeed fucked up, considering its history of paranormal sightings by the residents who booked rooms before.


Many of the sightings at this hotel have been reported by those who lived there once. Some of these have been posted online.

Here's a particular one I'm interested in:

However, what really caused me to ask this question is actually this paragraph on the article:


Ben Hansen, former FBI agent and host of “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” said a careful analysis of the photo turned up no obvious signs of trickery.

“I really like this photo,” Hansen said. “Assuming that it’s not doctored, it ranks up there as one of the best photos of possible paranormal evidence I’ve seen. If it is faked, I’ve got to hand it to them for their level of detail and creativity because there’s usually enough easy signs to suggest hoaxing.”


So I'm wondering what do you guys think about this photo and Ben Hansen's comment? I don't know how reliable that guy is or his show because I had never heard of him before. Therefore, I'm really clueless as to how to react to this or approach to this ghost sighting in a photo.

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It's non-sense.

Without even doing 1 second of research, I can tell you: it's nonsense, stupidity, flim-flam, bullshit.

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Could you elaborate on why it

Could you elaborate on why it is bullshit?

A former FBI agent and a known skeptic who investigates and debunks paranormal bullshit is saying that this picture is not doctored.

I become speechless at that very point. If I say it's nonsense, then on what basis?

I mean, at least some explanation would be appreciated.

It's interesting to assume that there might be the possibility of ghosts being real. So I'm being open minded and trying to think how rational is that possibility in this case.

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Seek3R - A former FBI agent

Seek3R - [Ben Hansen] a former FBI agent and a known skeptic...

Y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶s̶e̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶.̶

/e: OK, re-reading some of your previous posts, I think I have to retract my statement. You probably are serious; because you have a long history of being credulous. It seems every few months you find some ridiculous claim to latch onto, and that this is just the newest incarnation.

Hopefully we can help talk you though this yet again; but your suggestion about being rational or open-minded is hard to take seriously given the topic, and your history of being fooled on similar topics.

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Do you believe that any FBI

Do you believe that any FBI lab would dedicate any resources towards an analysis of a photo that was not connected to any crime?

Assuming that Ben Hansen was a former FBI agent, that does not prove that the FBI was involved in investigating those photographs.

Ben Hansen makes a living promoting the supernatural. It is in his best interests to "sell" this ghost story.

How come any purported ghost pictures always have the ghost as very fuzzy or blurred?

How come "ghosts" show up in the middle of a tour looking for ghosts?

I worked for Canada's first telephone provider in Toronto and serviced central offices, which are communication hubs. They are connected to each other, and each service their respective neighborhoods like an octopus' arms. I serviced one of the oldest central offices (constructed in the 1920's or 30's), and it was during the midnight shift. In other words, I went in alone at night, every night, 3:00 AM was common.

This building had a history, a worker fell to his death in the elevator shift during construction, and before WW2 a secretary committed suicide by hanging herself in a stairwell. Many believed this building was haunted, I heard many spooky stories. Even the exterior of the building looked like something out of the Adams family. Yet in all my scores of visits I never ran across any signs of any ghost.

If you do not believe in ghosts, they never appear.

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OK I volunteer to be the big

OK I volunteer to be the big kill joy. There are no such things as magic, paranormal activity or the supernatural.
There are optical illusions, things that go bump in the night (usually possums) and over active imaginations.
Yeah I know, I am such a downer at children's parties too.

Now however else people have been scaring themselves at the Stanley Hotel and many other buildings around the world I don't think I could put a lot of faith into what Mr King claims he saw or experienced at the hotel which only amounts to a bad dream, (did he have the salmon that night? Was it fresh?), but then I don't make a living selling scary books.

The 'little girl' at the top of the stairs looks like a cabinet with a pot plant on top. What appears to be the 'little girl's' right arm is a feature of the staircase which is visible on the opposite side in the photo. Yes, if you had myopia or just wanted to scare yourself it looks like a little girl. I advocate the use of Occam's Razor. Its more likely a cabinet than a ghost girl.

The other photo is like Mother Teresa's Kodak moment, the brilliant surreal light that you can only see in photos. All those folks in the lobby don't seem to be aware of shining girl. They probably lack any silver nitrate on their retinas or something.

I now draw your attention to the day Jesus's Mum was seen relaxing at a popular Sydney beach not long ago. Front page news and top of the news reports on all Sydney media.
The Catholic spokesman declined to commit himself.
I draw your attention to the red circled photo of the Virgin on the cliff top and the following double shot in and out of focus. You tell me if she was there or not.
The vandals who expressed their contempt only reinforced substance to the belief of the faithful, why else would they destroy the fence? the believers asked.
I was a little amused that the council rebuilt the fence but with a decidedly different design. To eliminate the chance of an optical illusion?
For my money all the above is about some form of 'pareidolia' which is worth looking up (you may as well check out 'apophenia' while you're at it).

And Ben Hanson, one time FBI, but is now listed as an actor, making quite a lot of money, like Mr King, from stories and claims about the supernatural, sure why would his testimony about faked photos not be absolutely completely honest? Some folks are just cynical, honestly.

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Hi guys,

Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers. I understand, as Nyar has reiterated, that I have a history of being credulous. I sure do, in fact I was raised like that. This is what my ex religion was all about, believing things right away and not questioning because that'd be a sin.

Anyways, I appreciate the answers of all of you.

As I did say, this time I've been super careful of how emotionally involved I get into this claim. I've been very careful and looking back at the things I've learned from this forum, it has been incredibly helpful for me.

I didn't completely fall for this claim of paranormal activities at Stanley Hotel because believe it or not, for the first time ever I consciously was able to be skeptical and ask myself questions about the claim. In every other case in the past, I've assumed the claim to be right, straightaway, and created a cycle of doubts and fear.

I came prepared this time.

With the answers of you all and my own skeptical thinking prior to asking this, I'm very much satisfied with what has been deduced here about the paranormal activities at the Stanley Hotel.


By the way, I do not plan to just keep asking questions here this time. I'm looking forward to participate and help others who are still recovering in their journey of freedom from religions.

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I think the same thing that I've thought every other time you vacuum up one of these awful stories from the internet. and dump it in here.

What's your fucking point?

Try, just try, and imagine the kind of reaction globally if these asinine stories were ever, even once, validated by sufficient objective evidence.

Now ask yourself, is the global scientific community all abuzz? Are prominent scientists all over the news proclaiming a paradigm shifting event? Is someone receiving the No else prize for this discovery, not to mention the bs prize those morons at the Templeton foundation have been offering for decades, of $1million to anyone who can scientifically evidence anything supernatural?

The only baffling thing here, is why you need these facts repeated to you every fucking time you come here, and that is truly baffling.

Did I mention I'm extremely dubious? My bad, that was the short version of my answer.

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I have some magic beans for

I have some magic beans for sale.....

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I once saw a worm turn into a

I once saw a worm turn into a butterfly!! Magic?

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I live in Colorado, I been to

I live in Colorado, I been to that hotel, more than once. I even spent the night there. It is old, there is a lot of weird noises, but I noticed nothing out of the ordinary compared to any other hotel except less comfortable than most. You can also get a 4g lte signal in the hotel, and just binge netflix on your phone. It is not remote anymore, even in the thick of winter.

Seriously, if you were a fan of the paranormal and scary stuff, you would be very disappointed about the stanley hotel. I could see it being a bit of a scary place to be mostly alone in the middle of winter back in the 1980's but now it is just a tourist attraction.

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> So I'm wondering what do

> So I'm wondering what do you guys think about this photo and Ben Hansen's comment?

I had always been dubious on souls' existence, but not now anymore. First, I would say that there is no soul. First law of thermodynamics states nobody can create or destroy energy in closed systems. Our universe is a closed-system but our body is an open system. Therefore, the energy of our body will recycle or transfer to our surroundings (not as consciousness). Just like what we were before Bigbang, we will become same after our death. In short, death is end of one's life. There is neither afterlife nor soul. Second, many people claim that they have seen an abnormal incident but problem with their accounts is, they introduce their claims after years. Even though, a human is able to memorize only 5 to 9 pcs of information that he has seen/heard 2 minutes ago. A psychological research shows 70 percent participants who had never committed a crime, accepted they have really done a crime in their past. The interviewers requested participates to recalling vivid details and re-acting crimes which they haven't committed. This is how eye-testimonies are not so tenable evidence. Third, I have seen some youtube videos in which the youtubers make inherent claims about devil/ghost/soul. Once, I saw a video- a guy was claiming that 'talking angela' replied her question at 3 AM. I was seriously laughing on his claims because anyone can record and then he can play that certain recording. This guy Ben is more famous than those youtubers who make a lot of claims with adulteration. Ben owns a website and he runs a ghost show as well. There is an electrical equipment named 'EMF meter'. I too have come across this equipment. People usually use this equipment to detect souls and they believe soul is created from energy. This device can measure electro-magnetic radiations coming from various directions. If you keep your mobile near to this device, a light will be on. Anyone can hide his mobile while recording the video so that the audience can be doubt-free. Thus, the guys make these types of video and sell it on any website/show. In fact, I have myself investigated 4 graveyards (3 in day and 1 in night) with this device, but I have found nothing and no one else.

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@ Seek3R

@ Seek3R
Maybe you should read this.

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