Pedophile Priest Protected Again!!!

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Pedophile Priest Protected Again!!!

One of the headlines in todays newspaper..."Archdioces Charged Over Sex Abuse." "In St. Paul Minn., criminal charges were filed against the Archdioces of St. Paul and Minneapolis for it's handling of a priest who molested children, a prosecutor saying the church leaders turned a "blind eye" to problems with the priest." The priest name is Curtis Wehmeyer. He pleaded guilty to molesting 2 young brothers. He is now serving a 5 year prison term...and guess what... another prosecution is pending that includes a teenager in Western Wisconsin. The church was charged for waiting too long to confront this creep. The penalty ( if you can call it that) is a fine of " a few thousand dollars," for 6 counts. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Let them pay back ALL the tax money that they were exempted from all those years, in addition to restitution to the kids families...those children have been ruined for life!!! A spokesman for the church did not return a message seeking a comment on the charges...OF COURSE NOT!!! Here again is the point that I have always made...why, oh why do people,insist on putting their trust, money, and most importantly, their CHILDREN into an institution that time and time again has shown that their top priorities are protecting pedophiles, and extracting money from people??!! But as we all know...GOD HAS A PLAN!!!

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This is a major part of why I

This is a major part of why I am an anti-theist.

There are jokes about how religious establishments are organized child sex rings, but that isn't just a joke any more, it's true.

Religions keep confusing people by indoctrinating with their repressive teachings about sexuality and sin.
That combined with how the religious establishments are covering up, protecting, relocating their offenders and delaying investigations makes them horrifying child abuse enablers.
Sexual abuse is the worst, but remember that the abuse extends to far more than only sexual abuse.

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I am so sick of hearing of

I am so sick of hearing of pedophiles in the catholic church. They never respond with I any meaningful reforms. Maybe members will eventually leave in large numbers.

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Would you leave a safe job

Would you leave a safe job that gives you divine right to fuck around?

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A well written article: "How

A very insightful article: "How Evangelical Churches Protect Abusers Like Josh Duggar"

"Growing up Evangelical, I saw church governance deployed to cover up everything from adultery to child sexual abuse. Including in my own family."

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One sexual revelation after

One sexual revelation after another! How do these people justify their beliefs when they indulge in this kind of crap?Oh yeah....repent on your deathbed and you get a free pass. Whoops...forgot....

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"Vatican tried to protect

"Vatican tried to protect paedophile priest"
"one of worst child abusers in Dublin archdiocese"

Business as usual...

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