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Perspective on Religion

I live in a very pious town- we have 30 churches serving just over 20,000 people and a Christian university. I was born and raised Christian, but realized it's not for me around 4-5 years ago. Recently, I've been kind of running up against a dilemma: I'm not really sure how I feel about the beliefs of some of the strongly Christian here. I've always been leaning towards tolerance and acceptance that you know, none of it can be proven or disproven, but goddamn some of these beliefs are just flat out dumb. So on one hand, I want to respect that their beliefs are as valid as mine, but on the other hand it just seems stupid. I wanted to see what all of you thought and the rationale behind your thinking, because that normally helps me to better understand what I believe. All relevant comments welcome.

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There's no reason to respect

There's no reason to respect someone's belief.
There is reason to respect people.
If you knew someone who believed that the earth was flat, would you respect that belief ?
Don't let others determine how you think.
If their have beliefs are crazy, why should you or anyone else, be compelled to respect them ?

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What makes you think their

What makes you think their beliefs are as valid as yours? I will bet tens of dollars they don't feel the same.

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