Pirate Hookers

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Pirate Hookers

Did pirates carry a cache of prostitutes to accompany them on their voyages? Were there, let’s call them, “sea whores” who did the bidding of the sailor man for a nominal fee?

I cannot imagine a voyage on a ship full of pirates complete without some scantily clad women offering their charms for the right price.

I am interested in this area of history and could use the vast knowledge of our house historians to help me out with this.

I’m shooting a production in the next few weeks called “Butt Pirates 3” and I want it to be as historically accurate as possible.

I’ve posted the same enquiry on some Christian chat boards to no avail.


rat spit

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Women were noted as members

Women were noted as members of the crew as wives in many British Navy ships, in some piracy cases they took the lead see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_piracy.

Some women were temporarily 'sworn in' as wives of the lower deck seamen but swapped partners during the voyage and jumped ship where convenient. Some officers took their wives with them even on active duty (which all duties were during the 17th and 18th centuries) Britain being at war with someone almost continuously during that period.
Women fought alongside their partners in actions, manning guns, sails and boarding hostiles in the thick of fighting. They were rarely, if ever, credited with their actions however heroic.

One Captain was ordered to "rid his ship" of women after one was discovered to have brought plague aboard...plenty there for a half decent script writer.

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And one of the most feared

And one of the most feared pirates in History was a woman. Ching Shih: One woman you really would not want to mess with. Seriously! Women had their own pirate ships.

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Ha! *rubbing hands together

Ha! *rubbing hands together vigorously* Thank you! This is more than enough back ground for my movie. While it is a little short on plot, I do want people to appreciate the story line (as well as the actors performances ;).

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Don't forget the talking parrot! A staple item in any good pirate movie. Oh, and a monkey! More specifically, a monkey that is obsessed with wooden eyeballs. But feel free to take some creative liberties with that one and tweek it to however you see fit.

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Rat: Yea yea a monkey or an

Rat: Yea yea a monkey or an ape. I don't know of any obsessed with wooden eyeballs but I know one that is looking for a pig nose?

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Have you heard of Mary Read

Have you heard of Mary Read and Anne Bonny?

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Of course. Our generations

Of course. Our generation’s two most celebrated Porn Stars ...

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@Ratty et al: Come on guys,

@Ratty et al: Come on guys, really??? I didn't even know that.

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Hey, Ratty, three words:

Hey, Ratty, three words: "Walk the plank!" There simply MUST be a way you could make a great scene with that.

Oh, and another one that just came to mind: "Shiver me timbers!"

By the way, if you need an assistant director or maybe a stunt coordinator, just say the word! I'm your man!

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Lol. Three word sentences

Lol. Three word sentences make up the majority of the dialogue in the pre-existing script. I will certainly work those suggestions in.

“Swab the deck!” - another one that works.

“It’s a Pirate’s life for me!” - longer; but I think our lead man can pull it off with some coaching.

“Arrrrr.” - another one that comes up at least four or five times (usually at the end of every act. It’s a three act production).

We’re doing casting calls this Thursday. Right now we’re looking for extras and we need one guy or girl who’s willing to “clean up” after takes. Come on down to our studio. We’ll take your measurements and get wardrobe in. We’ll find you something, Tin-Man!

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Don't mean to piss in your

Don't mean to piss in your porridge, but homosexuality was common and tacitly accepted, even the royal navy, and various similar naval services. It was common for men to have a male "Sea wife". Certainly during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

"Winston Churchill, it is said, uttered the immortal phrase: ‘Naval tradition? Monstrous! Nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash!’ But by the time he came to reflect on the subject, the reality of life at sea in the late 18th and early 19th century had long passed from human memory. In the intervening years, it had been recreated by a series of graphic first-hand accounts and then distilled into an accepted wisdom by the poet John Masefield in his classic 1905 book Sea Life in Nelson’s Time."


This is a very complex issue;

"Women and children

Not a few children were born on board warships, and some women entered under assumed male identities, although the fact that they were not discovered is very revealing of the low incidence of bathing among the seafarers, either on deck or in the sea. The 18th-century mind preferred homely dirt and the occasional clean shirt to the terrors of cold water or the deep ocean. Those women who were on board officially soon made their presence felt. In 1797 that crusty old martinet Admiral the Earl St Vincent issued an order demanding that they reduce their consumption of water. If not, he proposed sending them all home on the next transport. It is unlikely he gave them the separate bathing rights enjoyed by the female members of our modern-day replica crew."


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@Cranky Re: "...It is

@Cranky Re: "...It is unlikely he gave them the separate bathing rights enjoyed by the female members of our modern-day replica crew."

Hey, no worries. I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be no male/female segregated shower facilities in Rat Spit's movie... *chuckle*...

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@cranky47: Wooo Hooo!!!
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@Cranky@Tin Man

@Cranky @Tin Man

Definitely ;) And in this day and age the industry practically expects a little guy on guy action - so definitely no piss in my porridge.

And the filth? Let me tell you. “Butt Pirates 3” is gunna make “Butt Pirates 2” and “Butt Pirates 1” look like ... look hmm ... like ... I was gunna say a Disney Production - but we all know about those perverts.

Something clean ... I dunno. But it’s gunna get dirty. You want in, Cranky? We need someone to yell “Land, Ho!!!” In the middle of act two?

BTW. How do you reconcile being an atheist with being on an anti-psychotic? I somehow can’t find that thread where I initially posed the question?

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Reconcile? I think you need

Reconcile? I think you need to do a bit of research into the nature and prescribing of antipsychotic medication.EG it does NOT imply one will be psychotic without it.

Not really interested in discussing my mental health in detail here or in real life. Nor do I feel the necessity to explain or justify my beliefs or lack of them .

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@Ratty Re: ".... like ... I

@Ratty Re: ".... like ... I was gunna say a Disney Production - but we all know about those perverts."

ROFLMFAO.... Bwaaaaa-haaaa-haaaa-haaaa! Damn! I am SO GLAD I was not eating or drinking anything when I read that! Yeah, I'm afraid your movie might actually have some competition with the Disney folks in town... Bwaaaa-haaaa-haaaa!

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