Poop Francis dispatches personal preacher to preside pep rally

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Poop Francis dispatches personal preacher to preside pep rally

I just read this article.

Are you SURE it didn’t come from the Onion?

Vatican releases guidelines to help church fight human trafficking

Vatican Incompetence turned the Church into the World’s largest, ‘legal’, underage human trafficking ring. Judging from the level of incompetence they have shown with everything else, this is likely to INCREASE the amount of human trafficking.

Poop Francis dispatched his personal preacher to preside over the pep rally for pedophiles in Mudelein. The vatican has no intention of removing pedophiles from the Church. They LIKE the fact that they have turned Catholic Schools into Free Brothels for their ‘religious.’


I WAS a3-4 time a week 50+ year old cradle Catholic. All my life, the Church was my reassurance that there MIGHT be decent people in the world. The poops, Canon Law, the dubias, the cardinals (especially Dolan), the bishops (especially Philadelphia Archbishop Slap You), his mouthpiece Bill Donahue, my local priest, and the members of our Church ladies group have permanently shown me I was wrong. You have all worked so diligently to achieve the moral, spiritual, theological, and religious credibility of child pornographers.

I just read all the sermons during you latest bacchanal. I’m amazed you frauds were able to sit through and stomach them. You aren’t Jesus in the Garden of Gesemene. You are Cain whining to God that you are going to be punished for murdering your brother. It doesn’t matter that the vatican is the one who ORDERED the pedophilia cover up. God’s answer in the Garden of Eden is the same the Nuremburg trials. Following orders is NOT a justifiable excuse. You are sociopaths who cannot conceive that you did ANYTHING WRONG! I DIDN’T SEE ONE WORD OF REMORSE IN ANY OF THE SERMONS given, just a pep rally for pedophiles. “I did not come from Rome to convert you, but to encourage you, for, right now, that’s what you need the most.” What you need most is to be indicted and incarcerated by the judicial system.

The standard response to the pedophile crises from the poops to the priests has been, we are MALE so of course we get to rape whoever we want with impunity! I agree that conversion is impossible for these psychopaths. They are proudly, adamantly PAGAN! None of you are interested in “being with Jesus”, just on getting off your power trip seeing how much misery you can cause. The dubias taught me that. Not a one of you spoke up about the vatican standard policy and practice – promote the pedophile – excommunicate the woman. You were all hoping that if you raped a few more children, you could get a similar cushy, show off, position in Rome. You don’t believe a word about the love and divinity of Christ, that is just bait you use to lure victims, like the little glowing light over the jaws of an angler fish. You all answered the seminary ads in kiddie porn magazines that promised if you became priests, you could rape children with impunity.

I agree that Poop Francis’s personal preacher isn’t competent. I haven’t seen any evidence that ANY of you are competent to do anything other than stand around with your pants around your ankles gazing in adoration at your anatomy. You subject all of us to the little voice you hear coming from your PENISES! You don’t deny yourselves ANYTHING! You are certainly not trying to please people or God, only your dicks!

You certainly weren’t wearing sack cloth and ashes. The only result of this retreat is going to be the dry cleaning bill for your fancy virginally white vestments that the dioceses will get stuck paying for.

Intimacy with Christ – You first have to be able to believe in something holier than your extra special ontologically endowed penises that allow you to rape children with impunity. I don’t believe any of you are capable of doing that. Jesus for you is just a justification for rape and bullying.

Going back to TEND THE FLOCK! PLEASE, GOD, NO!!!!!!! We would be safer with the lions! The Church to the bishops is nothing more than an income stream, ego boost, and source of victims! You have no intention of meeting ANY of the needs of the faithful.

On Moses delegating judgement – Absolutely STAY OUT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT! None of you have even the basic moral code of a chimpanzee!


I’m sure that Spanish bishop was more interested in using the sisters as his own personal harem than in talking to the priests.

WHAT CELIBACY! Your ‘celibate’ priests in the AG report were having more sex than I had during 2 marriages! – MEN HATE SEX. They only care about the power trip. Your entire ecclesiastical careers are one big power trip for you to get off on! Listening to priests talk about sex is like listening to 14 year old school girls! Celibacy was introduced into Canon Law was because the Church was too cheap to have to pay money to the priests’ offspring. If you want priests to be celibate, have them get married. Nothing drives the thought sex out of a man’s head faster than getting married! They would rather clean the fish tank or catalog screen savers.

Do not conform to this age – You mean the fact that the people in Church are there because they WANT to be there and actually BELIEVE in Christ – Rather you prefer the old school 100% captive audience that you could murder if they didn’t show up and that you could rob blind via violence?

You have the church standard answer down pat.

Pay no attention to the fact that the vatican consists of depraved morons who are totally incapable of conceiving of anything holier than their extra special, ontologically endowed, penises which allow them to rape children with impunity; a doctrine they have proudly and meticulously documented in CANON LAW!

(“Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” https://www.ncronline.org/news/accountability/university-report-lifts-li...)

The abuse is just sin. No need to involve the police or for us to acknowledge responsibility or remorse. We just sent him to confession and that will take care of everything.

Just kneel in gratitude while we back hand out this symbol of the sanctity of our penises or we will take it away from you!

As an extra special treat, we will write inaccurate, nonsensical , self gratifying Latin toilet paper that only serve to spotlight the mental illness of the writers. Then we will be dumbfounded that the youth don’t believe our In sick lickals.

But we will educate them at Jesuit schools and bars, where they will learn that if you have a CATHOLIC penis you can rape anyone you want with impunity; just like we did with Kavanaugh.

We will have our head archbishops blatantly lie about anti-pedophile legislation (Chaput and PA Bill 1947) because their top religious responsibility is protecting pedophiles and the bishop’s pocketbooks. They will sponsor believers in Catholic Astrology to write hatchet jobs screaming that anti-pedophile bills “have only one purpose to Stick it to Catholics” because pedophilia is a right and privilege exclusive to Catholics. (Are you sure Bill Donahue isn’t a plant for the KKK?)

When women complain about bishops blatantly lying about protecting pedophiles, we will hand out Bill Donahue’s essay “Women’s Moral Descent” with its theme that men have the right and MORAL OBLIGATION to decide which women deserve to be raped.

Then we will make the archbishop who sponsors this cess pool a permanent member to the Sin Nod on (pant, pant, pant, drool) Youth!

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