The Pope is now a saint

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The Pope is now a saint

Pope John Paul II is going to be canonized. This guy protected generations of child rapists, which is a crime almost anywhere in the world, and also protected the Opus Dei cult. He took away the rights of women, gays and lesbians, and blocked the use of condoms to fight AIDS. By keeping the Catholic world locked firmly in its medieval past while the rest of the world was moving forward, he did more than almost anyone in the 21st century to set back the cause of equality and human rights. There have been third-world dictators on trial in the Hague who didn’t do as much damage as he did.

But because some illiterate woman up in the hills claims that he magically cured her, making her own diagnosis regarding her brain aneurysm, fellow members of his cult can now send him pagan prayers to magically solve their problems too. Even though he is not only not magical, not only an unindicted criminal, but also completely and totally dead.

The church was in such a hurry to canonize him that they violated their own rules, to canonize him ahead of schedule. This is the guy they chose to fast-track, the living embodiment of everything a Christian should be. A coddler of child molesters.

The irony here is that the church is also canonizing Pope John XXIII. John actually did a lot of good. Long before he was pope, during WWII, he saved the lives of Jews in seven different countries, which obviously was incredibly dangerous. This, in contrast to his boss Pope Pius, who did considerably less to help the Jews. And later John worked to fire bishops who had collaborated with Hitler. But he had to wait half a century for canonization, because he wasn’t “magical” enough.

In the religious world, magic is more important than morality, courage or compassion. So now we know where the church’s priorities are. “Save thousands of Jews? Go to the back of the line. Conspire with rapists? Step right this way, no need for you to wait!”

Don't you wish it were a century from now, when such barbaric superstition will, with luck, finally be in retreat and decline? When the guy who protects thousands from oppression and death gets as much respect as the man who turned a deaf ear to thousands of victimized children?

And by the way, this magical nonsense is a laughable insult to nature: the concept of miracles is completely unnatural. Remember that the next time the Jesus people holler at you that homosexuality, which occurs in more than a thousand animal species in nature, is unnatural.

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Becoming a saint is

Becoming a saint is meaningless. Even if this world considered a person as a saint, can that person return to explain us about what he saw in his afterlife? No saint had the power to do that so far. When we look at Pope John Paul II, he seems to be the kindest man in his time, but he's just the same as everybody are; capable to make mistake and can die. If he becomes a saint, it's not a big especially to non-Catholics!

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I think becoming a saint is

I think becoming a saint is like is much these days achieving the noble prize, where it is done for political reason rather than what it should be done for. Sainthood should in theory be granted to someone who has dedicated their life to the doing of good. Somewhere along the way, the Catholic Church decided to make this the doing of Gods work they also decided you had to belong to the church or other wise work with it. Then sainthood became political fodder for the church as a way to relate its figureheads to the great works of others. Noble prizes have on the other hand, become easier to obtain just be the president of the US for example. Noble prizes used to be given to people who made great contributions to the world of science. it eventually became for people who made life easier ( the glow in the dark toilet seat comes to mind) and then political fodder. Back when the titles were more exclusive they meant much more. Now it just means a group of people like what you did or need you to look good.

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At the rate that the Catholic

At the rate that the Catholic Church is degrading, it won't be long before all Nobel Prize winners are automatically made saints.

Except the Jewish ones, of course. Oh, and the gay ones too.

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The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church understands how popular John Paul II was to Catholics and in many cases, non-Catholics. The whole sainthood thing is a PR move to counter the recent negative press they have been getting.

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Maybe there's merchandising

Maybe there's merchandising involved. Lunch boxes and notebooks!

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Ahahahaha! I am sure there is

Ahahahaha! I am sure there is, I remember being shown a rosary that was personally blessed by the pope and it immediately conjured images in my mind of the pope standing there with a train going by as he blessed all its contents.

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I sure hope there is. Anyone

I sure hope there is. Anyone know where I can get a high quality Pope Hat replica? I didn't see one in the Vatican gift shop.

Zaphod's picture
I am sure that Item would be

I am sure that Item would be quite popeular! ;-) groan!

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Crazy religion! In fairness

Crazy religion! In fairness those merchandising strategies can at least help millions of charities in the world.

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But do they?

But do they?

Zaphod's picture
I was about to ask the exact

I was about to ask the exact same thing. but yeah the Roman catholic church does do a lot of charity type work.

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I wish the missions of the

I wish the missions of the Catholic church put as much effort towards bringing the people that they help clean water and sustainable food as they do towards spreading their doctrine... but I do agree it's not 100% bad.

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I heard that certain

I heard that certain percentage from the money given by different churches in Vatican go to different charities and church institutions. I hope it's true, anyway.

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Just like the presidents and

Just like the presidents and rulers of countries all over the world, they are merely figureheads and the fact that the pope is becoming a saint doesn't much other than just that, he's a saint for the Catholic church and no one else.

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If he is just a figurehead

If he is just a figurehead and not really in control of anything, then why not make him a saint? They might have a quota to fill every now ans then and he must have been the best candidate.

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I hear the quota, maybe that

I hear the quota, maybe that's it. but I thought we just put Mother Theresa in there? How many new saints are there a century, on average?

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Anyway, even if he become a

Anyway, even if he become a saint, can he change the current world status? He's already dead so he can no longer help the poor or do something to contribute for world peace. I think becoming a saint has no real meaning at all.

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Dead people are the best

Dead people are the best people to elect to a position you don't want anyone to screw up by doing something wrong!

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Excellent point! On that note

Excellent point! On that note, I think that now is the perfect time to renominate Benjamin Franklin for President of the United States. He can't refuse this time!

efpierce's picture
I like that idea Zaph! Maybe

I like that idea Zaph! Maybe we can get some new, more effective congressman for the U.S.
The job would be easily filled by an inanimate person or even an object.

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Being a saint to others

Being a saint to others (especially believers) could mean another person to pattern the way of their lives, and beliefs or an idol. To non believers definitely it was just nothing and could be like giving a code name. ;)

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You make a good point. We

You make a good point. We have all been chastising the idea of sainthood and not really looking at it from the other side of things which is the main reason we are all here on this forum.

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Just in case you didn't know,

Just in case you didn't know, now that he is a saint, he can be prayed to for help. Just like praying to the other saints and Mary the mother of Jesus. Things like this get deemed as worthy of worship and/or meditation. Just to add a little crazy to the discussion, enjoy.

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Good point! Since he's so new

Good point! Since he's so new, I bet a lot of people aren't praying to him yet... which means he might have a little more time on his hands than the other, more popular saints who have clear specialties and stuff.

I'm going to hurry up and pray to him before his schedule starts filling - there's a couple miraculous deeds I need done around here.

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Hey wait for me Sammy, save

Hey wait for me Sammy, save me a place in line. I need to get some Iron Maiden tickets for Rio. Oh, and maybe some help for the Ukraine! :)

SammyShazaam's picture
Sweet, how many tickets are

Sweet, how many tickets are you getting?

And aren't the people of the Ukraine Orthodox? I don't think they share the same saints.

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