a prayer for NBA finals favorite team

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a prayer for NBA finals favorite team

early this morning my friends gathered at my place and our topic was the latest basketball game, finals to be exact, CAVS vs GSW ...
and i heard from a friend that god heard his prayer that his favorite team won the second game of the final series...

he said that he prayed and beg that his team (Golden state) will win, i was thinking...

hey...god is really answering prayers...but only on sports, and not starvation and illnesses in africa, listens to a begging fan for a win but not to a dying cancer patient.

going back to our conversation with my friends, i just listen to his nonsense and just scoffed everything he said..(i just let him be, and just teased him...i can't change his view on religion...so i just turned it into joke.) for what is worth..he's still my friend.

i was thinking...if i'd play the lottery and prayed my numbers would come out, would it work??
if that would happen i would donate my prize to AR...i'm not kidding...i'll update you if i got my lucky numbers and please do pray for my numbers...alright?.....

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I'm having a hard time

I'm having a hard time focusing my prayers since I know neither your real name or numbers. I guess I'll just go with:

"Please God let Quasi from the Atheist Republic forums win the lottery."

I have faith that will do it. You do have to do your part by buying a ticket. Praise Jesus or Muhammed (PBUH) or whichever.

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if god knows everything..of

if god knows everything..of course he knows what you're praying for right?..

all knowing yet all dumb god...

just pray to the bunny...yup..i'll buy a ticket..maybe next month i guess..
just pray in advance...its ok, the more prayer the more focus i'll be picking my numbers..

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I prayed once. Three days

I prayed once. Three days later I woke up with a creamy discharge and an itch. Thank God he was kind enough to put a free clinic in my neighborhood,

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Well, I am praying my 76ers

Well, I am praying my 76ers win the championship.

Wait... They ain't in the final.

Guess prayer does not work after all.


P.S. - I used to love watching Dr. J play...

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I'm praying this penicillin

I'm praying this penicillin works!

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@Cog Re: Penicillin

@Cog Re: Penicillin

Can you say, "CLAP!"


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I just want to sing along!!!

I just want to sing along!!!

If your happy and you know it get the clap.
If your happy and you know it get the clap.
If your happy and you know it , your ___________ is going to show it.
If your happy and you know it get the clap.

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I consider people who pray

I consider people who pray for their team to win and then thank god that it did quite despicable. Lol. Do they know how much other people wanted the opposing team to win? They are gloating that their god listened more to them than the weaker team's god. Shouldn't they put the weaker and poorer team ahead of their own interests?

On a similar note many sports people start off their winning TV interviews with "I'd like to thank god". The same god that made their opponents lose???. Lol.
It incenses me every time I hear it and I lose a bit of respect for the person.

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Yeah, if praying actually

Yeah, if praying actually worked; then praying to win a game would probably be considered cheating. You might argue that even those who play to win don't think it works (or they are actively trying to cheat).

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If Praying Worked, all the

If Praying Worked, all the bookies would be out of business and Las Vegas would be a ghost town. IT DOES NOT WORK!!

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For some reason, god tends to

For some reason, god tends to favor the stronger teams the most.

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Religion and prayer cater to

Religion and prayer cater to one's selfishness.

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