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And I agree with Greensnake.

And I agree with Greensnake. Any being that advanced would be able to figure out a method of communicating with us, just like that...

(imagine me snapping my twiglets)


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Greensnake, I was close to an

Greensnake, I was close to an agreement with Your argument, but I can very quickly imagine my dads response as "Well, ants are not complicated either so we should be able to learn their language in no time. Even so advanced in our own forms of communication, we struggle to find a way to communicate with ants, whos language can not be more complicated than ours. So extrapolating this, we can say that the being (of course there are plenty of other arguments against the existance of it, but I'm trying to show that this one isn't that good) can't or doesn't care enough to do that." But from here I can get another argument, which almost deny the possibility of any religion out there to be true- if this being can't communicate with us, they are surely not superior to us if we take intelligence under the microscope. And if it doesn't care about communicating, then- 1.Why should we bother and 2.Any religion claiming that god is caring about us is wrong. So as the conclusion I would say that there is a very thin chance of that being true, but almost surely none of that is true. Oh well, I guess that is a good argument then, as you can, from it, get another arguments.

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We need a useful god , what’s

We need a useful god , what’s the point for ants to worship us when we don’t care about them anyway?
There is a god , we don’t know him , we believe him.But what if that god will throw believers to hell and disbelievers to heaven? :))


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