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Oh yeah....he was, I forget

Oh yeah....he was, I forget all the details but thunderf00t was making him look so foolish he resorted to lying to get Thunderf00t to back off.

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Heres the the explanation

Heres the the explanation from wiki: "The feud had two major peaks after VenomFangX made false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claims against videos by his detractors, causing them to be removed by YouTube. Because the allegations against the videos and their creators were false, the videos were quickly mirrored and replaced, leaving VenomFangX open to prosecution. The first incident happened in October 2008 when VenomFangX was forced to apologise for the false claims made against Mason. In late 2009, similar claims were made against a YouTube user named dprjones, who, given VenomFangX's previous record, would not accept a simple apology. The incident climaxed with dprjones, Mason, and a few others intervening with VenomFangX and his parents to get him psychological help. A line was drawn under the incident in January 2010, and VenomFangX was not heard from again until December 2010, when he announced his return to YouTube. He has since been uploading new videos in rapid succession.:"

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Thunderf00t could have

Thunderf00t could have pursued legal action but settled for a public apology.

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LOL, for sure, seems like a

LOL, for sure, seems like a good decision by Thunderfoot. I mean I doubt he could win much money in court, probably just get legal fees. But that crow eating clip is priceless.

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True, venomfangx definitely

True, venomfangx definitely has a credibility problem LOL

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He should have credibility

He should have credibility problems, he has NO credibility !

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haha , I like thunderfoot, he

haha , I like thunderfoot, he shows extreme calmness when debating and his voice makes theists be more pissed off somehow lol

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Ok, supposing we can some how

Ok, supposing we can some how wrap our minds around non-observable(at our current level of science and, therefore unable to be proven or disproved) places(space), events(time), and objects(matter). Also supposing that the answer to be arrived at is in fact, that something that exists in all time and space(since it would have been in existence before either of these measures). How do we at this point, prove sentience(as we understand it).

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i can't prove coke tastes

i can't prove coke tastes better than pepsi and you want to prove sentience?!? :)

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There is still no convincing

There is still no convincing reasoning that can divert the belief of atheist.


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