Prove without a shadow of doubt that jesus existed...I dare ya!

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No it about the existence of

No it about the existence of Jesus and if you take in the writings​ of the two of the major religions on this planet which you have written off as being myth or fantasy I only mentioned Muhammed because of his significants​ in the Islamic religion and how they view him compared to Jesus as they view Muhammed as a prophet but don't believe that he we return to be honest I hope there isn't a god or afterlife as to be honest I don't want to live forever and don't want someone out there that's able to control my action and the decisions​I come to our of my own free will but do hope there is an afterlife for those who have suffered by the hands of humanity or those born into this world unable to express ones true opinion or thoughts is it wrong to think in this sort of way all I'm saying is it can't be proven or disproven that Jesus and just because a person has the faith to believe that he existed doesn't make them less intelligent but can please express yourself without having to use offensive language thank you

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@Ali I will use whatever

@Ali I will use whatever fucking language I choose and YOU won't censor me just because YOU find it fucking offensive. My offensive language is far better constructed than your bullshit. I could hardly read it. It is so fucked up.
Maybe should learn something christianity is a spin-off of judaism and islam is a spin-off of christianity. So judaism is bullshit, and therefore christianity is bullshit so islam is bullshit as well! a majority does not make things factual only popular. BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE!

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"if you take in the writings​

"if you take in the writings​ of the two of the major religions on this planet"

Why would we lend more credence to beliefs because they are successful? This amounts to no more than a bare appeal to numbers, argumentum ad populum. Evidence establishes the veracity of claims, the number of people who believe things that are demonstrably wrong, or absurdly irrational is irrelevant. For most of human history most humans were neither Muslims or Christians. For a great deal of history humans believed the world to be flat, and that the continents could not move, yet they were demonstrably wrong, hence bare numbers tell prove nothing.

"do hope there is an afterlife"

Well hope all you want, but what objective evidence have that your hope is anything more than wishful thinking based on ancient superstition?

"all I'm saying is it can't be proven or disproven that Jesus and just because a person has the faith to believe that he existed doesn't make them less intelligent"

Nice try, but rejecting or disbelieving the claim Jesus existed because the claim is not sufficiently well evidenced does not carry a burden of proof. Do you believe Hercules was real? Can you prove he was not? You see they are two very different questions. Why should I believe Jesus was any more real than Hercules? And even if I did why should believe the supernatural myths assigned to Jesus any more than those made for Hercules?

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@ mykcob4 I am not a

@ mykcob4 I am not a Christian I'm agnostic as I stated before and as for the offensive language you can use whatever​ language you want to use but wouldn't it be more appropriate for use other words that aren't so offensive or maybe you should learn English

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Don't you dare condescend to

Don't you dare condescend to me asshole. I know English far better than you proven by your posts.
Agnostic is just another name for people that can't fully grasp logic. You give gravity to the jesus myth but not to the Thor myth. Are you atheist about Thor or agnostic? Fucking ridiculous!

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@Ali Re: Myk's offensive

@Ali Re: Myk's offensive language

Hang on a second, Ali. I've got this. We've had this problem with Myk before. Step back a little while I handle this...... AGAIN.

Aw, fucking hell, Myk! Aren't you ever gonna learn, you sorry bastard? Why the fuck you gotta go and start cussing at folks and using offensive language all the damn time? How many times do I have to tell you that shit ain't cool. You are one rude motherfucker, I hope you know. Son of a bitch, what are we gonna do with your sorry ass? *frustrated sigh* How about cleaning up that shit hole potty mouth of yours for once and just be nice? Dammit!

There you go, Ali. That should keep Myk in check for a moment. Some assholes just never learn, though.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA you think Ali

HAHAHAHAHAHA you think Ali got the idea Tin-man? My guess is not. He spews broken English and wants to give me an English lesson what a fucking hypocrite!

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@ mykcob4 you should have

@ mykcob4 you should have written is how dare you condescend me asshole my knowledge of the English language is far better than what you have proven by your posts so far

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@ Ali Really?

@ Ali Really?
You wrote " you should have written" and grammatically what you should have written was "WHAT you should have written". So don't try and give me an English lesson you fucking hypocrite!

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@ mykcob4 alright I made a

@ mykcob4 alright I made a mistake I should of wrote that you should have wrote instead of you should have written and if that makes me a hypocrite for making a simple spelling mistake then that is what you think of me

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@ Ali

@ Ali
It's NOT what I think of you and that's the fucking point. I hadn't complained about your lack of language skills until you complained about my language. Language is a bunch of words Words are sounds. If you get what those sounds mean how the fuck is that offensive? So you should just be interested in the content. That one of the many reasons I cuss. If you can't get past it, you can't deal with reality or facts.
So understand that agnostic means that you just give weight to a myth that has no credibility. I don't need to disprove god just like I don't need to disprove flying pink elephants!

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Should have written, not

Should have written, not should of (sic) written, and should of (sic) wrote may be a colloquialism, but I would always use written in this instance, and never wrote. As an example I once wrote, or I should've written. Never use of here, it's always have, as in should have written.

These are grammatical errors by the way, and not spelling mistakes. Also a good rule of thumb is not to insult anyone's spelling and grammar unless or until they start doing it, as you did to mykcob4 initially. His colourful use of vituperation is just an idiosyncrasy, and you'd be better off addressing the content of his posts.

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@ mykcob4 i have had a lot of

@ mykcob4 i have had a lot of tonic-clonic seizures this week and do most weeks as I have epilepsy and this affects me physically and effect's my patterns of thought and memory of you think I'm a hypocrite for making grammatical errors so I made grammatical errors so have u doesn't that make you a hypocrite as you are doing exactly the same thing I am picking up on my grammatical errors. I'm willing to admit to my mistakes are you

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No Ali it doesn't. Me

No Ali it doesn't. Me pointing out your grammatical errors in the face of you incorrectly correcting MY grammar isn't hypocrisy, its IRONY. I'm sorry that you have medical problems but how is that an excuse or my fault. I told you I don't really care about your grammar mistakes as long as you don't bitch about the language I choose to use!

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Sorry to hear this, but it is

Sorry to hear this, but it is affects my patterns of thought, not effect's (sic) my patterns of thought. No apostrophe is need for affects either. You'd actually used it correctly earlier in the sentence.

See, you've set me off now. However you did insult Mykcob4's use of English first as I recall, which was unwise given you have claimed you already knew your physical ailments would impair your own posts with grammatical and spelling errors.


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