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Re wheezy Breezy mr needy

That is because when he first came here he though he would blind us poor intellectually challenged one eyed atheists with his shining, incomparable intellect, his first year statistical psychology (general), dialectics. and incredible ability to hide his core beliefs.

His overweening hubris leads him to believe that is partially true still, even though I note that his behaviour and comments have been markedly modified by the reality of his exposure to female intellects of superior knowledge, training and scope. And others here of different persuasions who demonstrate better training, skills, analytic abilities and generosity of nature.

There is hope for the boy yet. He just behaves like a right royal pratt sometimes.

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That's almost the complete

That's almost the complete opposite of this thread's theme, unfortunately, so I assume you still haven't read it.

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To explain, shooters are

To explain, shooters are different.
There is the trained shooter who is completely motivated by instruction and orders.
There is the lone criminal shooter motivated by an unknown reason that range from injustice, a personal slight, or any number of reasons.
There is also the effect difference.
A shooter may intend on terror and mass destruction using unspecified targets to cause the effect. This also differs in the original motivation.
There is the defensive shooter who is determined to suppress an enemy.
There is the offensive shooter that is motivated to take out a particular target as specified by instruction or their own calculated plan i.e. assassination.
One cannot pigeonhole all shooters in a nice neat psychological profile.
The title of your thread doesn't delineate the differences, and they are too numerous to actually post. Some have similarities but all have differences.


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