Racist Rant in New Jersey

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Racist Rant in New Jersey


I lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey in my early 20's and learn a lot about Jersey folk. Coming from CA, I wasn't used to people expressing their opinions so openly. I learned to admired their honesty. Last summer my conservative Aunt from New Jersey came out to visit, and I got that taste of blunt honesty again. She said she always carries her gun in her purse for trips to the grocery store and other daily errands. I HATE guns so this sparked my interest to why she would need a gun around town. I asked her if someone was robbing a store she was in would she bust out her gun and take action. She told me that would be none of her business, but if someone tried to rob her she would shoot them between the eyes. I can see this mall scene getting deadly with a gun toting lunatic.

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Sears is going out of business because of poor customer service, among other reasons. The cashier was swamped and there were a lot of customers waiting to check out. People like to be waited on when they are spending their money in a store.

The woman was a bitch for flying off the handle like she did. When she's being waited on she would go ballistic if someone was rushing her because she needed extra help. The store management should pay more attention to customer service or they will out be out of worker sooner than they want to be.

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It always cracks me up when

It always cracks me up when people expect bend over backwards customer service, at a store that pays their employees barely over minimum wage.

If I go to a: AAA 5 star hotel, I expect bend over backwards customer service, if I go to a 2 star hotel for 100's of dollars less a night then the 5 star, I expect bare minimum service. If I were stupid/crazy enough to go to an Armani store to buy a woman a purse for her birthday or something I expect prompt super friendly service, but if I try to buy same type of thing at an sears store that is slowly going out of business I expect, well, not much.

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