“Radical” Atheists Can’t Tell Schools To Obey the Law

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“Radical” Atheists Can’t Tell Schools To Obey the Law

Several Atheist have told the Bossier Parish Schools in Louisiana that they will file a lawsuit for making student athletes stand during the national anthem.


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another obvious win but of

another obvious win but of course christians have basically all the money and all the power

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"..christians have basically

"..christians have basically all the money and all the power". Well, I'm 'converted' then :-)
I think they probably just have the numbers and organisation.

Perhaps making children stand for the national anthem teaches them respect can be demanded rather than earned or inspired.

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Or maybe it's to teach them

Or maybe it's to teach them to obey without question???

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I think nationalism

I think nationalism (patriotism) is not something that is earned or conscripted. Nations do not survive because their governments earn the respect of their citizenry. They survive because the citizenry, on its own accord, stands tall to defend its culture's survival against any and all odds, governments aside and be damned. One protects his home naturally. He sides with no man who would seek to take it from him.

The liberal angst for the sake of conveying rebellious angst carries on in perpetude despite the absence of a relative common sense, common good and certainly in the absence of logic when its smear campaigns wreak of a self-serving agenda that it never, ever mitigates unequivocally with proof. But, such is the stuff of party politics where goals and methods of achieving them never seem to find themselves validated by the staunch credibility any other undertaking demands and usually must provide to win adherents. Wait, that's theism...or is it?

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