Ranting maniac gone to far?

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Ranting maniac gone to far?

Joshua Feuerstein (American evangelist, creationist, "pastor") has made a lot of stupid videos of him ranting.

Since the Same sex marriage ruling in the US, he seems to lost it completely. He seems to encourage the use of force by holding up an gun, some sort of automatic. Is his video even legal?

"Gay Man files LAWSUIT to forcibly remove homosexuality from BIBLE .. Pastor THREATENED with ARREST if he doesnt marry SAME SEX COUPLES!"

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Yep! This is too far!

Yep! This is too far!

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Didn't this guy always make

Didn't this guy always make up stuff and give invalid information?

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yes but that was already

yes but that was already implied in the introduction: evangelist, creationist, "pastor"


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