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I heard a lot about the so called 'refugee crisis,' and about how we need to welcome in millions of backward savages to run around raping and killing everyone. I'd just like to point out that the Geneva Convention defined a refugee as:
"A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.."

And these people don't fit that definition, they're just a bunch of crazed savages with an average IQ of 82 who mutilate their children's genitals.

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What an incredible pile of

What an incredible pile of absolute garbage!

I work with one of these 'savages' who has a degree in electronics engineering and he is one of the most kindest people I know.

In fact he has never even judged my lack of belief, and we regular as clock work attend astronomy gatherings together.

Stop watching bollocks peddled by Murdoch and his retard minions.

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As if- these dirtbags raped a

As if- these dirtbags raped a 13 year old girl not too far from where I live.

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@ Harry T. So those people

@ Harry T. So those people that raped that girl are dirtbags. Does that mean that all or even the majority of refugees are rapists? The number one demographic of rapists in the USA are white christian males. Let's profile them, shall we?

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I feel like you are running

I feel like you are running around looking for a fight Harry Truman.

I hope you don't even believe what you just posted above. And you are just trying to troll, and not displaying extreme irrational xenophobia along with blanket profiling statements about millions of people.

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Xenophobia? Schnozz, you don

Xenophobia? Schnozz, you don't welcome in terrorists who want to kill you. Call it what you will, but if your after cultural enrichment, bring in Sikhs, not terrorists.

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a disgusting post, such a

a disgusting post, such a shame.

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All Harry Trumans post shit

All Harry Trumans post shit like this.

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Refugees are people who are

Refugees are people who are forced to leave their home in the state of fear. Right at this moment it is the Rohingyas muslims hunted down by Myanmar military.

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Look at the definition,

Look at the definition, Syrians are not refugees

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a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

I think someone fleeing a civil war in Syria counts as a refugee, now just like the god question you need to prove if someone is terrorist or not.

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Geneva Convention Definition

Geneva Convention Definition schnozz- also many of them aren't even Syrians.

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Again Harry T. you don't know

Again Harry T. you don't know a fucking thing about what you are talking about. You mischaracterized the refugees completely. I have been there. I know what those people are going through......YOU DON'T. But still, you make or REPEAT a total fabricated racist lie. Shameful!

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Which was a lie? The Geneva

Which was a lie? The Geneva conventions definition of a refugee? The average IQ or Syrians? Or the fact that their culture is savage Islamism? No- those are all facts.

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If refusing terrorists is

If refusing terrorists is racism, I guess the Mexicans must be horrible racist Xenophobes- they welcomed in 0 terrorists.

You know who else are vile racists? The Japanese, they aren't letting any terrorists in. What horrible people.

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@Harry Truman: "You know who

@Harry Truman: "You know who else are vile racists? The Japanese"

The Japanese certainly are racist in many ways. They attribute their economic success and social stability to "homogeneity", by which they mean that everyone has the same culture, language and ethnicity. They've always been very reluctant to have large numbers of foreigners living in their country. Those that are there, such as ethnic Koreans, are never seen as "real" Japanese, even after many generations living in Japan.

This attitude is reflected in their refugee policy. I think it's disgraceful.

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There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with nationalism- the Japanese are right by the way, about themselves- their culture is superior to most cultures now, and has been for some time.

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From a biological standpoint,

From a biological standpoint, homogeny is quite dangerous. The greater the variety of the gene pool, the higher the chance of survival in cases of extreme or unusual stresses on a population. While the Japanese might believe that they may be promoting all the good points of their "race" (and that may very well be happening), it would also keep any defects, similar defects, floating in the gene pool.
When it comes to bacteria or viruses, the wrong strain at the wrong time can wipe out whole populations if everyone has the same genes.

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They don't have the same

They don't have the same genes- bottlenecks may be problematic but there ate millions of people in Japan.

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@Harry Truman: "there are

@Harry Truman: "there are millions of people in Japan."

About 120 million. And while the Japanese think of themselves as racially "pure," they are actually quite diverse. Modern Japanese have Mongol, Han Chinese, Southeast Asian, Indian, and possibly Polynesian ancestry. There's also some genetic heritage from the aboriginal Ainu people.

So you'll see quite a bit of variation in facial features, head shapes, hair color, physique and so on. The language is what really sets them apart. No-one's ever been able to prove a link to any other language group in the world.

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No, calling people racist

No, calling people racist like that is just being triggered... but can we call them dickheads? Yes, yes we can.

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Offspring of Syrian refugees

Offspring of Syrian refugees here! (Different Holocaust). No removing of clitorises in my family. Plenty of unique and tasty food stuffs.

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We are not Japan nor Mexico.

We are not Japan nor Mexico. We are the standard of democracy.

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So I'm a horrible Racist but

So I'm a horrible Racist but the Mexicans and Japanese aren't because- were a democracy and they aren't? I'm sorry- but you're just peddling white guilt bullshit. We have no more obligation to welcome in terrorists than they do.

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Standard of democracy!!!!!

Standard of democracy!!!!! Pmsl yeah of course! Ah man... that's was phenomenal.

And flat earthers are the standard bearers for astronomy...

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@Harry Truman

@Harry Truman

Once again, Harry Truman, you fully illuminate the face of the American far-right libertarians. Your unabashed hate for the victims of war and unyielding economic and political oppression is beyond any sense of morality and compassion for the suffering of others of which most are women and children.

As another poster said in a different thread, conservatism is all about self. This is especially true of right libertarians ... and you just provided us with documented evidence.

I choose to be my brother's keeper not because of the fear of not doing so or by "covering my bases" by "paying it forward," but for the simple reason that it's the right thing to do ... as a member of mankind sharing this planet together.

But for the grace of fate, you could be a refugee right now yourself. It may even be in your future.

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Stop trying to act self

Stop trying to act self righteous- you probably welcomed 0 refugees into your house, and here you are talking down to me for saying the emperor has no clothes. This has nothing to do with selfishness or compassion. It was you lefties who started the Civil war to begin with, if we had been following libertarian non-interventionist policies, there never would have been a refugee crisis to begin with. You ducked up their country and now you want to bring millions of them over and claim that you're all about compassion and kindness. It reminds me of the dead Kennedy's song "California, Uber Alles," here is a recording:

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There's a very fine line

There's a very fine line between a person seeking shelter for the protection of his life and another seeking protection for the life of his religion and agenda. Outwardly and legally they mirror each other. One will assimilate and become part of the warp and weave of the hosting country and culture. I know many of these people but do not frame the entire movement of refugees by their conduct in the same grouping manner that many people do. One poster here knows one engineer who paints a picture of sweetness and by that example endorses the entire refugee movement. We call that utopia myopia at the national security level, which is a bilateral posture by all national authorities, and quite typical of the liberal short-sightedness that opens doors before vetting is even considered.

Cells are premeditated and effected after penetration of the targeted country/culture. Once penetrated and the scrutiny dies down a study of the locale is performed to establish the SWOT of the authorities in each. This may not necessarily be for the purpose of perpetrating an act of violence, but rather an act of peaceful processing of its own cultural strength in numbers where acts can be insidiously planned and perpetrated at a later date. Divide and Conquer is an old world strategy that needs no new age model. The various refugee hosting national authorities are on full alert for this and through the conduit of Interpol are well aware of the signs that acts are being planned. Many have been thwarted by this constant vigilance but many have not. This is the insidious cause/effect of a liberal open door policy for refugees.

When Germany's Angela Merkel cavalierly opened its borders to the refugee movement, then popularly disguised as "migrants", she not only went for the mother-them-all politics of it but also busted European Union Articles (laws) by not seeking bi-lateral agreement from other EU member nations to do so. This cost her politically when the so-called migrants began demonstrating how ungrateful they were to be the superior culture that was not gifted everything it could ever want from its hosts. Then, acts of violence began illustrating the success of plans and results of cells. She then turned 180° and publicly claimed that deportation was her next move. This too was a political stance.

Cells normally comprise very few people. The fewer people the better chance at success from less scrutiny. Basically, a cell is a one-time disposable unit that is expected to consume it's entire resource (people) in planned acts of violence.

In an early effort to elicit sympathy for the refugees the mainstream news, a known liberal collective, conveniently renamed them migrants. This innocuous title, a subliminal slight of hand, effectively made the refugees innocents by circumstance in the public eye. But, none of them were/are migrants and it's only recently that the proper title of refugee is returning to the pages of truth. A migrant and a refugee do not share the same purpose for movement. A migrant follows a voluntary course, a refugee is being pushed. One is seeking fortune, the other seeking safety. The migrant is not under duress, the refugee is. The migrant is not fighting anger for being displaced but the refugee lives with anger for being displaced. These are wholly different people who outwardly appear the same. That describes the differences only between migrants and refugees. It's very easy for cells to recruit refugees to perpetrate acts of violence. A man torn from his beloved country, a loved one or family, his livelihood and way of life, his cultural surroundings and comfort is not a happy camper. He's lost everything, he's mad, he's vengeful and easily persuaded to believe how he was victimized. He becomes a human weapon fitted with explosives, or a ballistics weapon or a vehicle and takes his revenge.

Moreover, the religion of Islam clearly leaves us with 109 open directives in the Quran to perpetrate acts of violence upon those who do not embrace Islam. Minimally, this directive, in effect from 632 CE, emboldens the Islamic culture with the notion that it is a superior culture and all others subservient to it. Even if no Islamic act of terrorism is perpetrated against non-Islamic cultures, we know conclusively they are indoctrinated to believe that they are superior. There are countless testimonies on record of refugee conversations, while the movement was in full swing, that bear witness to free and open discussions between Islamic men regarding their low opinions of the hosting nations and cultures. These were taken while in transit on public transportation. Key word search them out.

The foregoing is but a micro-perspective of the Islamic character embodied in the entire movement but it is very real, very dangerous and very well distributed thanks to the liberal mentality of broad brushing the refugees as poor helpless souls whose vetting would be morally wrong. Sorry, but I see vetting as the minimal first step to accepting any refugee genuinely on the run for reasons of peacefully seeking and achieving self-preservation.

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Do you know that in late 70's

Do you know that in late 70's Indonesia provided a small island for the fleeing Vietnamese refugees? According to the article I read there were quite few suicides in that times while waiting to be relocated. It is not a goodie and cosy thing to leave your home.

According to the current report there are over than 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. There was once Iran provided shelter for almost 2 millions Afghans and Pakistani refugees.

If you are now in the hurricane are and your house is gone than you take refuge somewhere, hence you are a refugee. I hope this method help.

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Let's just take a look at the

Let's just take a look at the people of Syria. For a long time, Assad was a benign leader. He was educated in the UK and was, for the most part, a "westerner." This put him at odds with many if not most of the people of Syria. At the time Syria was a very modern nation. Very tolerant. Over the years several outside influences invaded Syria. Fundamentalist islam, radical terrorist, anti-jewish, anti-western groups. For the most part, the middle class was unaffected. Over the years clashes sprang up along religious and racial lines. These clashes started making inroads into everyday Syrian life. Soon everyone was involved or in danger of being caught up in these clashes. Syria became a tinder box. Asaad was completely inept at handling this growing problem. He didn't understand the plight of the people in Syria. He didn't understand that conflicts in neighboring nations were spilling over into Syria. Assad tried to clamp down on the clashes but he clamped down on the wrong people. He clamped down by instituting marshal law on everyone. He fell in league with Russia that not only supplied him military arms but also counseled him on how to deal with dissidents. So basically the vast majority of people were terrorized by radicals and their own government. These people never owned guns, never fought, they just wanted to raise their children in freedom and safety. So in the "Arab Spring", a revolution that swept much of the Arab world entered Syria. At the same time, ISIL and Al Qaeda swept in as well. So the average person faced a dilemma. Join ISIL, join Al Qaeda, submit to tyrannical rule by Asaad, or die. Surprisingly most of them decided to take up arms and fight for their freedom. They fight Al Qaeda, ISIL, and the Asaad regime. For their trouble they have been gases, bombed, tortured, murdered, raped, blown up, starved to death, and now ridiculed by Harry Truman.
They are the very definition of refugees. Innocent people, families, men, women, and children, trying to escape tyranny, extremism, and terrorism.
Just because Harry Truman looked up the UN definition of a refugee doesn't mean he knows what a refugee actually is. It is apparent the he doesn't. Not surprising as he always posts definitions of things that he doesn't know a damn thing about and can't know because he has NO experience with the reality of life beyond his sheltered life.
I would hazard a guess that he either watched a YouTbe video about a girl that was raped. A video that complete misrepresented Syrian refugees. A xenophobic piece of propaganda from some right-wing nutcase.
Yes whom ever raped that girl are dirt bags. It doesn't matter what race religion or nationality they are. That has no bearing on the matter. If they were Syrian refugees and or even terrorist that raped that girl it has nothing to do with the Syrian refugees at large. The vetting process for refugees takes almost 2 years and is the deepest vetting of any person in the USA. Trump should have used that complete a vetting process for his cabinet and advisors.
The facts are that the majority of terrorists in the United States are domestic. They are white christian armed and racist.
The facts are that the most common rapists in the USA are white christian conservatives.
If we apply the same logic that Harry Truman has applied toward Syrian refugees, then we should round up every white christian conservative and jail them torture them until they confess to a crime that they may not have committed, may not have been committed in the first place and or would never consider to commit ever!

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Bob, you democrats armed and

Bob, you democrats armed and created ISIS, which ravaged Syria and turned it into a blood soaked hellhole. The fact is Assad was elected by 97% of Syrians and the 'rebels' who you talk about are just terrorists, not patriots. Many refugees aren't even Syrian.


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