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My name is Kimberly. I am an anthropologist student studying Religion. Part of my assignment is to speak to one or more about there religious beliefs, what it means to them, and what the religion is about. The assignment goal is to get us, the students, to communicate with people. If there is anyone who would not mind me asking questions to them i would appreciate it.
thank you.

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Well, most of us here do not

Well, most of us here do not subscribe to any religion so this may not be the most appropriate forum for your questions.

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If, however, you would like

If, however, you would like an atheist point of view, this is the place.
By the way, I did have some Anthro. courses when I was in college.

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Religion is an opinion that

Religion is an opinion that some have, and try to use, to scape their insecurity. It is totally unnecessary, if you have confidence in yourself.

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Ive read the bible but i dont

Ive read the bible but i dont live it so i dont think id help. Go on facebook theists LOVE to spread their propaganda on it.

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I have a surprisingly low

I have a surprisingly low amount of theist spreading their propaganda on my feed. Probably because when one of them does they hear it from me. But it like to think its because my friends are smarter than that.

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Recently ive started to

Recently ive started to unfriend the ones i see i just cant take any more lies.

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Well, I'm an atheist who used

Well, I'm an atheist who used to be a Christian a very short time ago. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Ive got one. Why do

Ive got one. Why do christians try so hard to deny evolution when they simply could have said evolution is gods tool.

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some do- Intelligent Design :

some do- Intelligent Design :)

when I hear that coming out of anyone, i always go like "face palm"...

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Sorry religion is a scapegoat

Sorry religion is a scapegoat

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Ok i read the 'intelligent

Ok i read the 'intelligent design' wiki. Its sums up theists attitudes to anything that threatens their faith 'make it up' they set up their own 'scientific journals' with 'peer review' done by christian supporters.
Science everywhere destroyed the 'theory' yet christians continue to try to have it taught in science and muslem counties accepted it.
Charles darwin was prepared to compromise and allow a creator that set the laws at the beginning but they wpuldnt accept that.
And gotta love how supporters of id are almost all christians yet try to deny the intelligent designer is the christian god.
Typical bullcrap mixed with hypocrisy that youd expect from a theist.

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I like Anthropology a great

I like Anthropology a great deal. I especially enjoy the way it is intrinsically hegemonic and hypocritical.

I appreciate your go-getter attitude, thinking that you can get your research project done on a message board (My teachers grew hip to that jive in the 90's), but as atheism isn't a religion but a lack thereof, I'm afraid you've hit a dead end.

But theists love to talk, so go try them :)

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