Religion and The Hurt Feelings Card

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Religion and The Hurt Feelings Card

Those are 2 videos that can explain why believers have such a behavior:

It is best to watch them in this order.

Religion and The Hurt Feelings Card

The Real God: An Epiphany

What do you think about the points raised here?

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I had a discussing with a

I had a discussing with a Muslim today. Kept asking me questions, then responding with insult like "only a moron could believe that". Finally he asked me a question and I said something about god being a fairytale and he freaked out complaining how dare I insult him. Then denied ever calling me a moron (and many other things). This is what religion does to your mind.

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The second video is great. I've seen it before and appreciated it.
The first video is good, but the guy is rather shallow in his conclusions.
He needs to look into the psyche of the believer and understand where their fear really lies.
His conclusion that they actually don't believe is just wrong and I think wishful thinking.
By the way, Christopher (or whatever his name is) is only baiting you. That's how he gets his kicks.

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I appreciate your thoughtful

I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

Yea the second video shows more how theists are psychologically raped when they are kids to mistake their good conscience with god.

"The first video is good, but the guy is rather shallow in his conclusions."
The first video is an intro to get to the more deep second one, that is why I said to view the first one first.

"His conclusion that they actually don't believe is just wrong and I think wishful thinking."
I disagree, I also think that the believer does not really think that his belief is a confirmed truth but he does not know it.(this is one of the brainwashing effects)
Like the fact that every human being is better then the christian god, but Christians do not know it.

If you are convinced of something, you do not need to say, it is a matter of faith whenever you are challenged.
I consider that it is possible that you are not convinced of something but you do not know it yet.

So I agree with him on that point. (I found that video yesterday and I held such a view ages ago)
Some theists do not even know that they are not convinced because they just are that lost into their delusion that it changes reality for them.

It becomes more, how could their 'truth' be shown, rather then what is the most logical conclusion to the given evidence.

Even when you hear them speak, they start with the foundation of their belief as a proven fact:

They do not even consider that this is just an assumption.
Through sheer repetition and hearing this, they keep enforcing this idea without even knowing.

"Christopher (or whatever his name is) is only baiting you. That's how he gets his kicks."
I did consider that possibility, but I could see no hint of that, in the points of that video, if you provide any more points that would suggest that, I would appreciate it.

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Jeff; I see your point but

Jeff; I see your point but don't know if I can agree with it.
I'll ponder it for a while and do some more real world research.
I'll keep talking with my theist friends and acquaintances with your statement in mind and see if I get results that confirm your conclusion.
I hope you're right.

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Thanks for the honest reply.

Thanks for the honest reply.

I do hope I am wrong though, because if I am right then there is no hope for those mentally damaged persons that because of brainwashing, they lost the understanding of what it means to be convinced about something.

This happens a lot doing debates with 'hope less' theists.

Their delusion makes them not even understand the meaning of words.

Beneames is such an example:

He constantly shows this when he cannot even accept the fact that the bible does describe hell in it.
Or when he changes the meaning of LOVE to mean RESPECT and the meaning of HATE to mean LOVE LESS.

The delusion of NEEDING a particular THING/MEANING, hinders the ability of basic REASON.

This includes the concept of what it means to be Certain of something.

Though unconscionably, the FEAR INSTINCT sometimes prevails and does stress the theist and you start seeing anti-social behavior, just like DarkMatter2525 describes it in the video.

If you remember DarkMatter2525 video, you should know that if you attack the theistic god concept, you are like attacking the good part of them, Their Conscience.

That is why they feel personally attacked and it also explains why the FEAR INSTINCT kicks in.
Since when you are attacked, your own FEAR INSTINCT kicks in.

To make it even worse, these guys are brainwashed to believe that DOUBT= sin, so you are asking them to sin and not trust what they consider the best part of themselves.(their conscience)

That is what it means to ask a hard core theist to use Reason rather then their Faith.

When you are mentally abused in this manner it is hard to heal from it, especially if it has been reinforced for many years of your life.
I was a theist and tried to be the best possible believer at a very young age. During that period that was the feeling I got but did not understand it until I was older and got more knowledge in psychology.

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I think the hurt feeling card

I think the hurt feeling card does come into play alot with some of the more fundamental theists. And alot of it has to do with the ambiguous usage of words.

For example, the ideas of respect and tolerance. Intolerance is bandied about by a handful of influential religious leaders today. However, the idea of tolerance as it applies to religions, to me anyway, is that I only have to accept the existence of its followers. I do not have to lend any credibility to the shared beliefs of its followers. To me, tolerance is the minimum level of repeat anyone must afford to others.

Now to say for example, christians beleifs place a lot of value in their teachings. Naturally their base level of respect for their own ideology is much higher than mine, because I find that it is meritless fiction only deserving the minimum level. However, their idea of tolerance includes a higher degree of respect for their own beliefs, after all its what they believe.

So the way it manifests in the real world, is that eventually to to differences in how much merit is placed on their beliefs, Christians will often claim that atheism in particular, is intolerant to christian ideaology. When by my, by my definition of tolerance, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Yea , atheism is just the

Yea , atheism is just the lack of belief in the theistic claim, there is no idea of tolerance there.

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