Religion by the numbers

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Religion by the numbers

People try to justify beliefs political views and any manner of things by what is most popular. Christians try to justify their beliefs by the fact that there are approximately 2.2 billion followers. Islam 1.6 billion so on and so forth.
Well, Facebook has about 1.9 billion monthly users and the number is increasing monthly. In less than a year Facebook will surpass all of christianity in the number of followers. So should we consider Facebook the largest religion in world history? Although Twitter is far behind Facebook it still has over 330 million users monthly and is increasing. Given the fact that all major religions are losing followers at a rate about 14% a year and Facebook and Twitter are gaining followers at about that same rate, it is clear that the two major religions are Facebook and Twitter.
You may say that these are not really religions but instead just social media, but I put it to you that people treat these media outlets like a religion. They are nothing if they are not faithful to them. It dictates their lives, it dictates their behavior and habits. It forms their opinions and beliefs. Not unlike a religion. In this dynamic world, things vanish and are replaced by a new and different entity.
Social media is replacing conventional news media, television, radio, religion, and life as we know it. It is forming our attitudes our views our morals. It even selects our elected politicians.

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"Facebook will surpass all of

"Facebook will surpass all of christianity in the number of followers."

so that makes me a certified atheist cause i don't have any social media and religion affiliation..hahah..
they were all deactivated by my fiance. except for the religion cause, she's a slight believer...slight coz i'm giving her piece of my rationalism and she took it fairly enough. soon enough she'll understand that everything i say about her religion is correct..

i'm void of religion and social media as well...

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@OP by mykcob4

@OP by mykcob4

Also for christianity they have ever declining members in participation, where the average facebook user, uses facebook services for an average of around an hour every day, 365 days a year, with many people pulling that average down, that only log in for a few minutes a month or so. The medium average user is probably closer to 2 hours a day.

Way, Way! more than the average christian follower dedicates per day to their religion. (Islam admitely has much more average user interaction.)

@Quasi I too am mostly void of social media. I do have a facebook profile my family and friends pretty much forced on me, and a bit of other social media I rely on for my work. But I would happily not have any social media.

Ofcourse one must consider this site/forum as a form of social media as well.

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