Religion as a tool

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Religion as a tool

We are taking about religion and god, about prove of its existence and sustainability. But many people don’t even think that religion can be easily explained from the economical perspective. By coincidence or not, the peak of organised religion came to the time with revolution moods. Then it would be fare to start with one of my favorite definitions for revolution, it is the time when bottom levels want changes and top are not willing to move. As you can understand, since the beginning of monetary system it is all about money and bottoms and top mean poor and rich.

Religion became a tool for rich people to control and to prevent poor from revolution. Religion was tried to be promoted to us as a guide how to live our lives and without it we would just all kill each other I guess. But what about internal moral code which have helped us to survive, develop and form communities from the beginning of time (considering that beginning of time was much farther away then Adam and Eve running around naked eating apples) . No, that was not a guide; that was a very well planed tool for rich people to protect their wealth and lives from poor.

One more economical prove for my point is communism! Communism (if not to get into a lot of detail and use the idea) is policy of equality and “surprisingly” there was no need for religion in that society. “Religion is the opium for society!” There was supposed to be no one to protect and no one to get desperate from miserable live, discrimination and inequality. So religion was just not needed! So I can make a very obvious conclusion to myself: Religion opposes equality. It is just an economical tool which somehow enslaved people for centuries.

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No one ever knew this before.

No one ever knew this before.

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