Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi, to get his full 1000 lashes

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Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi, to get his full 1000 lashes

Saudi Court Upholds Raif Badawi’s Sentence of 1,000 Lashes and 10 Years in Jail for “Insulting Islam”

Let the madness commence...

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@The Pragmatic.....

@The Pragmatic.....

You know you said ,"Let the madness commence ...."


Check this out.....

"Saudi Arabia has hosted an international conference on human rights, attended by the president of the UN Human Rights Council,"

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"Saudi Arabia hosts UN-backed

Ironic, to say the least. As if they are interested in human rights...

"But Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, said: “It’s bad enough that the oppressive and fundamentalist Saudi monarchy was elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council.
But for top UN human rights officials to now visit Jeddah and smile while human rights activist Raif Badawi languishes in prison for the crime of religious dissent, still under threat of further flogging, is to pour salt in the wounds. It’s astonishing.”"

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That poor guy, I hate

That poor guy, I hate theocracy. It angers me when I read about christians in the US wanting a theocratic government.

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Saudi Arabia is the worst

Saudi Arabia is the worst HUMAN RIGHTS killer in the whole wide world.(as a government to its people)....... its not the women that have troubles over there

No one can say anything against the government that is actually the monarch.....brown man has almost no rights in the entire gulf. You cant be the sole owner of a property or a business if you are not saudi national, and no one is offered nationality based on how much time you have spent over there....non-saudis who are even born over there and have spent entire lives their also do not get the saudi nationality.

a lot of people dont know this that people with different nationalities are offered different salaries for the same job.

you are not free to marry just anyone you want....and not to mention the terrorism funded by them all around the world.....and i can go on and on but am feeling sick now so thats all for now....

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Well, I would say that women

Well, I would say that women have it really bad there, even if they follow all the rules and regulations, they still have to wear burkas, they're not allowed to get a drivers license, they also have to have a "male guardian". This male guardian has the same power over her as a parent over their child. And the guardian can even be her little brother. She needs the guardians permission to work, travel, got to school and get medical treatment.

That said, you are quickly worse off, regardless if you are a man or a woman if you get accused of apostasy or being an atheist, homosexual, etc.

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It's high time for a Saudi

It's high time for a Saudi Bastille Day.

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You can send an e-mail to

You can send an e-mail to Google asking for a Google Doodle to be created in honor of Raif Badawi.

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