Saw the " Believers" comming!!

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Saw the " Believers" comming!!

The other night, I was watching a program called "American Greed." This story was about a couple in Hawaii that executed a " ponzi" scheme, and talked people into drawing hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity from their homes, and giving it to them to " invest." These homes, ( they are more like shacks) are now worth millions of dollars. They are all paid for, and were handed down to other family members, who grew up in the houses. It was their entire lives that were wrapped up in these houses. ( by the way, Hawaii is one of the most expensive places on earth to live) Of course, all the money was spent, the couple is now doing time in prison and some of these houses are now in forclosure, and/ or have left the family members all but broke. I did feel for these people...until I heard that some of them were very religious, and they were told by the "schemers" that " Jesus is going to take care of you and make you rich." Thats all they had to hear... Immediately $600,000 of equity was taken out of the house, and given to these crooks,,,along with other friends and family members, who followed, listening to "the call of God." ignorant can people can you feel sorry for individuals that do these things??Goes to show you...even the religious right CAN be greedy!!! NO ONE is out of reach of the arm of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!I've always said, to believe in religion, opens the door to believing any outrageous thing...that is how people get scammed.

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Religion is the oldest scam

Religion is the oldest scam in the book. False promises and arbitrary rules followed by you handing they your hard earned cash.

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Sounds like an extreme case

Sounds like an extreme case of prosperity theology (

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Hey just mentioned

Hey just mentioned my all-time biggest "scrounge"... Joel Osteen!!! My skincrawla everytime I see his phony smile...he preaches to tens of thousands of these idiots every Sunday...and is laughing all the way to the bank...CREEP!!! The sad thing is, there is nothing anyone can do...these stupid people give these guys all their hard earned money of their own free will...isn't that something?!! And when some of these "ministers" get caught doing the exact opposite of what they are preaching, guess what...their " followers" give them all their money again!!! Talk about having to be hit over the head!!

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