SB540 - PA Senate - Statute of Limitation Reform for pedophiles & othe

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SB540 - PA Senate - Statute of Limitation Reform for pedophiles & othe

If any of you are in PA, here is your chance to put your money where your mouths are and DO something about the pedophile crisis you all complain about. I've already e-mailed the insurance company rep that the bishops are defrauding them.

The hearings are brutal.

The Lovie Howel - Gilligan's Island defense is classic. i.e. We shouldn't be sued because we do charity work.

Great talking with you! Here are the members of the PA Senate Judiciary Committee, with links to their contact information:

Here is the hearing Senator Baker, the Chair, held recently on the issue – the experts that testified are listed underneath the video:



Kristin Seale | Legislative Director
Senator Tim Kearney | 26th District
484-326-6196 cell
610-544-6120 desk
717-787-0196 fax
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@Mrs Paul

@Mrs Paul

Sorry to hear that.

Federally, in Australia there is no statute of limitations for sexually-based crimes.. Or murder. There is for debts. Not sure about other crimes.

The result has been that some quite elderly men (such as George Pell) have been tried and imprisoned. We have also extradited very old men for war crimes.

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Cranky -

Cranky -

Thank you for the support. BTW - I'm Furious

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One if the Republican PA

One of the Republican PA senators is a cousin of mine and I'll talk to him about it when I'm more informed on the bill.

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I am totally furious with

I am totally furious with these bishops who believe their primary religious responsibility is to protect the pedophiles and their pocketbooks. The Church is all those children who were raped. They sacrifice the Church to the god between their legs.

The SOL bills should focus on the accountability of the individuals more than the institutions. A lot of the perpetrators are dead or retired. THE VICTIMS NEED TO SUE FOR THE RECORDS! Any institution denying access to the those records should be nailed to the wall.

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Thank you. The House also has

Thank you. The House also has a bill that I haven't had a chance to get to yet.

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