Science & Google Support The Indonesia Sky Turning Red Sign

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Science & Google Support The Indonesia Sky Turning Red Sign

>>> <<< Without having to write a wall of Text or Bible Verses, This video will debunk all theories of The Sky Turning Red due from the forest fires in Indonesia, It Explains the particle components of Sand causing Smoke and each definition. The Blood Redness in the video appears in War Torn, Muslim Dominate Sudan from a massive Sandstorm covering the entire city.

Yes massive sandstorms occur in the middle east, This one happened on a highway, Its blackness, Dark to the point you where you he cannot drive, Its also not in perfect formation like In the first link above, In Indonesia You can still drive through it and have visibility as its not blackness, But blood Redness.

Driving into a Sandstorm of Epic Proportions: Kuwait 2011

Amazon Fire Smoke Blacks Out Sao Paulo City....




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Didn't we do this one already

Didn't we do this one already? It's a completely natural phenomena that has to do with the forest fires. End of story. This is a duplicate thread. I vote for REMOVAL

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@ Cg

@ Cg

Yep, done this, totally natural occurrence. OP is a load of bollocks. SECOND your vote for removal.

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Me too, this person is not

Me too, this person is not contributing to any discussion, just preaching.

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Sand storms, like forest fires are ENTIRELY natural phenomena, and the resulting red sky, have entirely natural explanations.

So what's your fucking point, Bullwinkle?

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This individual is exhibiting

This individual is exhibiting the same mindset as a mediaeval serf. "OH NOES SOMETHING SPECTACULAR IS HAPPENING, IT MUST BE MY MAGIC MAN!!!!1111ELEVENTYONE" ...


I bet he thinks the sun did a breakdance act over Portugal in 1917 as well.

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He's a fruitcake, sorry.

He's a fruitcake, sorry.

Seriously if he believes all the claims he's making then he needs help.

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@Sheldon: RE: " He's a

@Sheldon: RE: " He's a fruitcake, sorry." Come on Sheldon, fruit cakes have their uses. They make great door jams and they are almost as fun to fling as poo. If you soak them in a bowl of water, they are a great mold garden starter, but, one of the best thing about fruit cakes is that they don't talk to you.

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This particular horse has

This particular horse has been flogged enough.

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