Sciencetific Enquiry Of Bible

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Sciencetific Enquiry Of Bible

I am doing a Phd. in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Indore. For me hypothesis of God does not have any practical importance. I do not want to discuss whether he/she/it exist or not, because it is waste of time. As humans we should be more worried about humanity rather than these time consuming questions.As far as my position on question of GOD is "I don't know" .
But Scientific enquiry for a subject is must so I decided to compare so called religious scriptures which claimed to be world of GOD with respect to scientific facts.
I decided to compare Bible, Quran and Puranas or any other religious text line by line with respect to scientific fact(Please check link(
Please help me to develop a true/honest/unbiased comparative database.
First we start with Bible (As Christianity is no.1 religion in terms number of followers)
Please send your suggestion.

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