Scientific Reason for Why People Are Religious?

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Scientific Reason for Why People Are Religious?

I know this is probably a rude question, but I've always wanted to know why certain people are so prone to being brainwashed into blindly following any religion. So the media is known for hyping up a lot of stories and whatnot, but there is no way that Islam is coincidentally the most violent religion out there. How can all these violent attacks and slaughtering of people - done by people who say they are Muslim - not be due to the nature of that particular religion? People are going to say that I'm ignorant and whatever, I don't really care, but I want to know, WHY these people? What specifically in their genes or environment made them this way?

I realize my phrasing in the above paragraph is weird, so basically I'm trying to say this so-called "religion of peace," Islam, causes a lot more destruction than good, so I posed the question, why?

So in my other post about my crazy Muslim roommate, I discussed the fact that her parents are first cousins. I still get very sick to my stomach just thinking about it, but incest is a serious problem in many Islamic countries. It is such an outdated way to think and live one's life, I just can't even imagine going through that. There are so many congenital disorders caused by inbreeding, it makes you wonder then, maybe this violence occurs because those people have genetic cognitive defects?

There are tons of other reasons I'd be interested in researching further, like the effect of living in a hot and dry climate. Or living in extreme poverty (illiteracy), dietary issues, etc. This is kind of a nature vs. nurture thing, but I definitely believe that both play a huge role in why these specific people act the way they do. I guess the weather argument is pointless, because there are radical extremists all over the world. And people live in the deserts of California, yet most of them aren't lunatic zealots causing destruction in the world, so maybe that is a moot point.

Anyone care to discuss?


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As far as the incest goes,

As far as the incest goes, they are probably cross-cousins, which is not considered incest in some societies. While pretty much all societies have an incest taboo, the exact definition of the taboo differs wildly. And for what it is worth, the incest taboo has nothing to do with birth defects. In fact pre-industrial societies generally have a much stronger incest taboo than industrial western societies. It has been noted that the incest taboo is generally on the decline in the west as it no longer servers a purpose.

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Can you please provide a reference or two to these h568 and h569 gene variations/mutations that support your argument. Thanks.

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