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Short introduction to something new

Good evening or good day to all

I'm Luca and I was an Atheist but when i discovered a site that doesn't regard the classic religions or derivation from them I've changed my opinion.

In that forum the atheism should be the main topic but i see also topics relating the Quran o the "bible" (i don't beleieve in that those "books").

So my question is, have you been experinced something on a spiritual level like meditation or do you keep seeing the reality?

I ask to you to try something just for fun would you try it?

I assume you chosen to do it or simply reading beyond the previous question.

Do those things:
1 Inhale as much air as possible withouth getting unconfortable.
2 Exhale slowly and vibrate THOTH (TH-TH-TH-TH-OH-OH-OH-TH-TH-TH)
3 Repeat the previuous passages for 4 times

Finally you should
Feel a pressure on you head and when you finished

Let me know if you fell something or not :)


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This is a discussion board

This is a discussion board for atheism, not voodoo.

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@Loganx: I have a question

@Loganx: I have a question about this... How do you change your mind when you're an atheist and know that God doesn't exist? Saying that God exists and singing "Take me to the King"? Because that isn't anything new, that's back to being an imbecile, or the question is Do you think because we're atheists we're an asshole? Do you think we're atheists because we have any sort of intellectual difficulty, any kind of mental deficiency? When you opened your third eye you could go to the bathroom without constipation, or you continued as constipated? Because, in this case, you don't need a new religion, just eat more fiber... It's a tip.

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There is nothing "new" about

There is nothing "new" about this. A common self-calming process that any counselor would show you how to do. It isn't magic or spiritual. It is a simple breathing exercise nothing more.

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