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I didn't mean every religion,

I didn't mean every religion, perhaps I should have said monotheism.

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machoke: "I didn't mean every

machoke: "I didn't mean every religion, perhaps I should have said monotheism."

OK , glad we could narrow things down. So, seicho no le, eckankar, sikhism, bahai, cao dai , kaumaram ? Any brand of monotheism?

Are you also a muslim?

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in the field of physics it

in the field of physics it has been proven that some particles come out of to attribute the christian god to the universes existence is kind of pre mature.why is god so hard to find? why is it the geographic location that more or less you will believe in a certain god?how about evil and suffering, i just saw a commercial for shriners hospital and it shows all these children who are missing limbs living this life disadvantaged can a loving god really care about them?the 6th century b.c. philosopher epicures said it best if god is all powerful why suffering? Epicurus stated is god willing to prevent evil, but not able?then he is not omnipotent.Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? is he neither able nor willing? then why call him God?.i think the children deserve an explanation.

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skeptical christian : For

skeptical christian : For once I agree with you.

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Please please everyone stop

Please please everyone stop talking quantum mechanics you are hurting me. I promise you won't understand from a few simple searches in google. Its kind of like a stacking process. Layers based on layers of information. If you skip around an string together random layers together to fit your ideas you will arrive at very convoluted and incorrect answers.

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@ Machoke

@ Machoke

I don't know where you live, but I'm assuming the Bible belt in the US.
If you had been born in Iraq in a Muslim community, do you think you would have become a Christian?

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I just wanted to mention I

I just wanted to mention I love your avatar. I just imagine everything you say to be in a jocular manner because of it.

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I just wanted to mention I

Ugh I keep getting double comments.

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@ Machoke No reply?

@ Machoke

No reply?

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You evidence nothing and yet

You evidence nothing and yet display it proudly. This continues to be the tiresome stance of the uninformed theist. All huff, puff and of no substantive evidence.

May I suggest you leave, learn and return with the constructs of the bible, solidly contrasted to the archeological record, fresh in your mind? This will take a bit of time but you have enough of that to rebuild your life with after the source of your current conviction is clear to you. Start here and expand via the links and, of course, the fathomless depths of your own imagination for truth -

Also, don't forget to read the following. Google them. Plenty of links to the archeological records of these events abound.

The Epic Of Gilgamesh - A myth predating Paul's thin-air creation of Jesus and the god he sported by 1800 years, and where the bible pirated the myths of Creation and Noah from.

The Nicean Creed - The archeological record of how Emperor Constantine, 325 years after Paul killed off his Jesus in his tall tale, commanded the early christian religion bishops residing in the diaspora of the region, and early architects of the bible, how Jesus, god and the trinity would be explained and recorded, by political edict, into the bible. He himself remained a pagan.

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Machoke: Well, my laddie, a

Machoke: Well, my laddie, a simple case for god was not that simple. Was it?


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