The Sins of the World

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The Sins of the World

The Sins of the World.
By Alan D. Griffin
​Christians say Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world. But, if I don't repent my sins and claim Jesus as my personal savior I must pay for my own sins by burning in hell for them. So if Jesus truly carries the sins of the world on his shoulders then that means I have just lightened the load along with all other non-christians around the world and throughout time. Would you think it is noble of someone to step forward and help Jesus out like that. Isn't it noble for someone to step forward and say I have done wrong and take the consequences. Isn't that how we define responsibility? So is it not more humbling to say I have broken God's laws and I should be punished as described in the bible. Would that not show your love for God?

The bible says god believes you are guilty and should burn in hell for your infractions. So let God's will be done, don't try to get out of it on the messiah loophole. If as a Christian you live for God's will you should want to happily go to hell because God said that is what is just, of course this would ruin Christianity which is based on the get out of jail free policy. Don't worry though there is good news! Jesus did not die for the sins of the world. Jesus only died for the sins of true Christians who are born-again, saved in Christ, repent their sins, and try real hard every day for the rest of their lives to not to break a commandment or think of breaking a commandment. Remember these commandments are so hard not to break that according to the bible Jesus is the only person in the history of the world that was able to pull it off. I am sure on the other hand if everyone could truly be humble and take responsibility for the laws we have broken God would let us in on sure humility after all the meek shall inherit the Earth.

I think the problem with Christians today is a combination of pride and doubt. See with all my wild Ideas and opinions that I base in logic and rational thinking I can admit I could be wrong, even as strongly as I believe what I believe. A Christian on the other hand has too much pride backed by doubt to ever admit there is a possibility that they could be wrong. To admit that they could be wrong would be an act of humility. They claim to have faith but faith is based on doubt. Without doubt there is no need for faith, which they hold in high regard. You see if they admit that they might be wrong then a little doubt might creep out and logic might set in and pull them away from god. They know this because they have been there before, probably many times before. If you learn something as a child and believe it to be true your whole life and then one day in your twenties or thirties you get in an argument with someone about one of these subjects. Most people would be adamant that they were right even if presented with evidence that they were wrong they would still stand their ground on the issue. They stand their ground because they have believed it for so long that they cannot take the fact that they are wrong, I believe this is referred to as pride. That's why Christians are so pushy with their beliefs. The more people they can convince that they are right it takes away the doubt a little. If they can suppress their doubt with other believers then they don't have to admit that they have been led to believe a lie and hurt their pride. They like to pretend. They like the fantasy. They want, no, they need you to perpetuate their beliefs, so they don't have to admit they are wrong.

They need to realize that the Ten Commandments are near impossible not to break and they need to humble themselves and take responsibility, but if they did that then Jesus would have died in vain. Jesus doesn't want to pay for your sins. He lived a sinless life to show that a human can live a sinless life and not break a single commandment. If you don't want to take responsibilities for your own sins and pay the price you are prideful and put yourself first. Doesn't the bible say people who are prideful and self-serving will not inherit the kingdom of heaven? So these few true Christians who honestly in their hearts, repent, claim Jesus, and not even think of breaking a commandment will be admitted into heaven. All the Christians who fall off the bandwagon even just a little and die, will pay for their own sins along with all the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Wiccans, Pagans, Scientologists, Atheists, agnostics, Jews, etc. will pay for their own sins. Therefore Jesus did not die for those sins. Jesus' death paid for such a minuscule percentage of the sins of the population around the world and throughout time that it would be a mere fraction of a percent. Claiming that Jesus died for the sins of the world is not only an exaggeration but a complete lie.

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I never quite understood the

I never quite understood the logic of Jesus paying for our sins by dying on a cross. If the price for sin is eternal hellfire, then to pay for sin Jesus should have been sent to eternal hellfire. Instead he was sent to the cross. Undeniably a horrible thing to endure, but it hardly compares to eternal fire. In fact I believe the bible says he died more quickly than most people on a cross, so even then he caught a break.

Another matter of illogic, if God's passionate purpose is to save lost souls, and if God makes all the rules for how things work, then why make a rule that required Jesus to die in order for lost souls to be saved? If people are saved by God's grace, then why doesn't he just save them by his grace. Why require bloodshed in order to extend his grace?

As for the difficulty of Christians admitting they are wrong, certainly pride plays a major role in that, but I think there's still more to it. For me, it was a matter of coming to terms with the fact that my entire worldview was wrong. This didn't just hurt my pride, it left me bewildered an utterly confused as to the nature of reality. I still struggle with it sometimes. It's not an easy thing to make such a dramatic change in your understanding of live, death, existence, etc.

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The logic behind it:

Sane people cannot see it.

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Sins, crimes, same thing,

Sins, crimes, same thing, different applications. It's all in the consequences.

Comes down to being able to grasp the truth, that humanity has no purpose, most people are unable to do. They refuse to believe there isn't some reason (logic) to their existence. It's unfathomable to think that they are the work of a simple cosmic chemical crap-shoot. They will not buy the idea that they appeared on this planet wholly by happenstance.

That's a whole market to explore so gods were created by a few people who banked on those who needed them. It was a good business to be in and still is. It's probably as old or older than prostitution. To keep the flock close sins were created to prevent straying. They were like literary fences. They still work pretty well. Sins keep order and forgiving them is the return on investment people seek.

I will say, though, I never saw one adult male enter a confessional throughout the short period I was force fed religion. So, sinners or not, men did not have the stones to go to confession. I saw lot's of women looking real pious but never any men.

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Pitar, I would disagree with

Pitar, I would disagree with you on the thought that life has no purpose. It does. It's just not sexy or poetic or grand. The purpose of human life is the same purpose that all living things on this planet share. The purpose of life is to exist. That's it. Now because we have evolved the capacity to think the way we do means we can come up with a different purpose. My favorite is THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO PLANT TREES UNDER WHOSE SHADE YOU NEVER INTEND TO SIT. It's not just poetic, if you think about what a tree is and does for us, it's incredible. That's just my opinion. Everyone can have their own

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