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I have an old Cosmological

I have an old Cosmological Blunt Instrument of Trauma laying about somewhere. Would that do? Does the Overlord claim to be a god?

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He has not claimed to be

He has not claimed to be anything in my presence. However (having known of Him first hand) He is a Supreme Being. I will often refer to Him as “the “God” I believe in”.

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Wait a minute... how do you

Wait a minute... how do you know what this “OverLord” is saying? How do you think he’s communicating with you?

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An analogy. It’s as if there were a lake. Cool, refreshing and clear. People would enter it from the North, the south, the west, and the east.

Everyone would enjoy the same cool refreshing waters.

Ie. the OverLord is a range and a domain. A sphere of being, if you like. We enter it. He does not enter us. We are guests in His world. It is not the other way around.

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Mmm-hmm... How do you think

Mmm-hmm... How do you think he created the universe? And what makes you believe all of what you just said?

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I’m not a Creationist so I

I’m not a Creationist so I don’t believe He created the Universe. He’s a supreme being. That’s all I claim. Based on His power and demeanour - He is incontestable.

The lake analogy is just an analogy. He’s ubiquitous. He’s everywhere. That’s the point of the analogy.

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Well that's a nice modest

Well that's a nice modest change from the blustering vain glorious 'And you shall know me as the Lord thy God who delivered you out of bondage in Egypt etc"

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Woahhhh, this is a whole new

Woahhhh, this is a whole new brand of 'special'...

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I'm staying out of it this

I'm staying out of it this time. I'll only respond to my post as I don't have the time to deal with this nut who thinks he's talking to god (sorry if that sounded harsh).

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OK, you hear a voice in your

OK, you hear a voice in your head. Is it a two way conversation or is it like headphones over your ears and a one-way speech?

I really want to know if you get any directions or guidance. And what they are.

Does this supreme overlord instruct you to gather a legion of followers, or that you should just use Nutella instead of chunky peanut butter?

What is the content of what you are hearing from this overlord?

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“Kill your self” “you can’t

“Kill your self” “you can’t do this anymore” “give up” “you hate your life” “nobody likes you” “mmm. That tastes good.” “Hmm. I think I’ll play some chess now.” “Fucking red lights. What the fuck? Why me every time?” “Fucking (insert racist comment here)”

- the Evil One

That last one in particular is indicative of the self denigrating aspect of his agenda. Before you go and say, “so you’re basically tormented all the time ...”

A) I know how to turn the voice off
B) a lot of it is mundane, like, as you say - I’ll butter this with Nutella today, &co.


- the OverLord (He’s generally angry)

No commands. I know that people worse off than my self will get commands and/or they will end up in a catatonic state with their body contorted in painful positions. I can only feel immense sadness for people who acquire a voice with such intentions. The sheer cruelty of this illness on the most severest of spectrums seems to speak only to the reality that there is an external agent at work. In what psychiatrist’s office could an explanation for such self sabatoge be derived? If you know what I mean. Either a) the mind and body are like a behavioural cancer or b) there is an external agent exercising His will upon the unwitting victim.

In short - I am no different than a schizophrenic; I simply have the knowledge to turn off the mechanisms of the external agent’s “tricks” - thus allowing me to lead a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Yes, I will start a cult. I will heal the entire 1% who suffer greatly from this condition - together we will utterly anihilate and destroy plutocracy all over the world - replacing these governments with the representatives of the Evil One. And grace will fill the lands and harmony will flow over the rivers. Peace will fill the oceans and on the top of every mountain a goat will sing a song of redemption for the suffering masses of this world. Order and stability will reign for a hundred years.

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@rat spit

@rat spit

I must burst your bubble. What you are hearing is just your personal internal dialogue, and not coming from any overlord. I am not qualified to deliver a diagnosis, but it appears you are schizophrenic fed with delusions of grandeur. This will be my last communication with you because you are either one of two things. You are either a troll or a person with mental health issues and MUST see a doctor to begin your healing.

I do this reluctantly because (if you are not a troll) generally you are an intelligent and nice person. And I refuse to contribute to your disease and eventual worst mental state. I sincerely wish you well with the hope that one day you seek out the only people who can help you, trained medical professionals.

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I’m inclined to agree with

I’m inclined to agree with David. For your own good, I strongly suggest that you seek professional help, if you’re not a troll and your mental health is in the state I think it is. I bow out, and refuse to further contribute to your condition.

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As you wish. I see that


As you wish. I see that confronting the inconsistencies of your own “self” is a disquieting subject. So I won’t push my argument on you.

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I am not a troll here, and I will miss your correspondence. You have been nothing but polite and intellectually sincere. I appreciate that. Cheers to you!

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Again I can only urge you

Again I can only urge you with complete sincerity to seek professional help, as at best this is rather worrying self indulgent nonsense, but at worst seems a fairly harmful and delusional paranoid state, that might well be part of a deeper psychological pathology. Your post above suggests you seem to vacillate between paranoid self hate and delusions of persecution, to claims that even suggest delusions of grandeur, I'm no expert but that sounds like some sort of bipolar disorder to me.The fact you're assigning pernicious thoughts in your own head to a separate entity is deeply worrying, as I said before. As it implies you think you are devolved from reality, in a way that might make you feel compelled to act in ways you are not entirely culpable for.

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

Well. As it seems, the verdict is in. Thank you for trying to understand, Sheldon. You have been most obnoxious pfftt - I mean welcoming since I’ve been here.

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Yet you felt the obliged to

Yet you felt the obliged to continue your personal abuse of me. You really need to learn the difference between derogation of post content and pure ad hominem.

You also ought to listen to what people are saying about your claims, as I really don't think you understands how they are perceived.

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@Sheldon Yep. As the saying

@Sheldon Yep. As the saying goes, it’s entirely possible to respect someone and their right to believe what they want to without respecting the beliefs themselves. The real problem is with people who think they have a right to never be offended, and that their beliefs are some unattackable sacred-cow that must be unconditionally respected by everyone even if they think it’s wrong.

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I’m not saying you’re

I’m not saying you’re obnoxious Sheldon. I’m saying that you have an obnoxious approach to deriding people and their posts at the same time.

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So you admit that he’s just

So you admit that he’s just one of those creepy voices in the schizophrenic mind that criticize you and tell you what to do.

I knew it.

In my humble opinion, a much better way to deal with schizophrenia is by seeing a therapist and taking medication, to keep yourself sane. You will be free from these creepy voices if you do that stuff. No cult needed.

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Sigh, what have I ever done

Rohan M.
"So lemme get this straight, Rat Spit... You’re having a conversation with this... “OverLord”? ....I would like to at least know the specifics of what exactly it is that you believe."

Sigh, what have I ever done to you to deserve this?

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hisssss!!!!! Enough of this

hisssss!!!!! Enough of this Atheist stupidity. I’m leaving. But I’ll be back. hissss!!!!

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Don't go, Rat! You can't go!

Don't go, Rat! You can't go! All the plants are gonna die!

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Nope. Nope. I’ve been hit

Nope. Nope. I’ve been hit with the stigma. Killens won’t talk to me :( Rohan won’t talk to me :( Sheldon is still talking to me. Doesn’t he see that you asked a question and I offered you a theory?

Just kidding. I will address all comments. I’m at work and can’t be using my phone excessively. But I will address everything.

And Sheldon; you owe me an answer. If I see a red object, why is it epistemically impossible for me to be certain that object is red? You don’t have the right to infiltrate my posts if you subsequently refuse to answer simple questions in response!

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"If I see a red object, why

"If I see a red object, why is it epistemically impossible for me to be certain that object is red? "

How can you be 100% certain the memory you saw anything at all isn't an illusion?

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On what basis do you posit it

On what basis do you posit it as an illusion? Why would such a thought even occur to me? What illusion? Made by whom?

It is an object. Tangible and red. What you see is what you get.

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Actually on second thought, I

Actually on second thought, I will talk to you- but only about your outlandish beliefs, not your schizophrenia (assuming that you’re serious and actually do have it- which is more likely given that it’s extremely rare for someone to fake such a thing)

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Oh. Thank goodness. I can

Oh. Thank goodness. I can still convert you. Remember, all new converts will be receiving a 20 inch Samsung Smart TV with a 1 year paid subscription to net flix if they bring a friend to our next group “meeting”.

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20 inch?

20 inch?
I ain't joining no cheap ass cult.
I will accept a 70 inch 8k 3D curved. Nothing less.


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