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@ Arakish

@ Arakish

Yep, being avid lurker...or stalker as my partner would have have the right of it Arakish! Many a chuckle to be found on this thread. Unlike you and TM, Rat would definitely not make my dinner list.

If he is not trolling then he has a serious disorder and it will only get worse.

He'd be good fun for a night out providing he is not designated driver, armed, or wearing his rat suit...I can't have him over my place as Captain Cat would think I had brought him a new furry, bleeding toy. .

I wonder, is cat ownership a cure for the Ratty Overlord?

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@Rat Spit Re: "hissss!!! I

@Rat Spit Re: "hissss!!! I’m a snake. Not a troll."

Aw, shit. I really do hope you are not THIS guy.... LOL....

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LMAO - uhh. Jeeze. No. No,

LMAO - uhh. Jeeze. No. No, that’s not me. And, I must say, this person gives snakes a bad name. He should apologize to the world for that video.

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@Rat Spit Re: Snake boy

@Rat Spit Re: Snake boy

*deeep sigh of relief*.... Oh, good! Phew!... *wiping brow with back of hand*... I was getting a little concerned, because I was afraid I might have to start typing to you using crayons. Just couldn't figure out how to make that happen. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about it now.... *chuckle*...


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