Spreading rationality

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Spreading rationality

The figures indicate real signs of progress in the UK but what lies behind the statistics that is revealing too.

Most people I know don't believe in god and most Christians I meet don't seriously believe the 'three for one' or virgin birth nonsense. Most Roman Catholics don't seriously seem to believe in transubstantiation, exorcisms or miracles. So-called believers never seem sure there is an afterlife of any description, far less a Heaven, Hell, god-sent prophet or devil. All that Abrahamic gibberish is obviously man's invention. Tribalism and silly ideas of what's normal seem to lie behind much religious affiliation in the UK. Due to the charity work of religious congregations there is also an impression among many non-believers that religion is "harmless" and bad behaviour or swearing by some atheists have dented the image of non-believers...
making us seem collectively "aggressive", unfriendly or less educated.

Religious superstitions are losing ground in the UK despite faith schools and severe lack of separation of church and state. Most immigrant populations are more religious than the natives, but reason is defeating credulity despite high levels of immigration. (Levels of immigration are falling).

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I been saying this for a

I been saying this for a while, religion is in serious decline in much of the western world. And I believe it is accelerating. Most everyone has access to the internet that gives quick and easy access to different opinions than the ones they grew up in.

Just 200 years ago, 90+ percent of the people attended church at least once a week, missing only when they were too sick to go. Now a days I am sure that number is well below half.

Sure we seen a rise lately of more fervent theism trying to get more involved in the state, but could we be looking at the last dying gasps of religion in most of the western world?

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