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Can somone explain to me why science's explaination of existence means nothing to theists because and i quote 'you atheists think were just animals thats sad'.
We are literally made of stardust how miraculus is that!
Look at the complexity of how we exist yet a theist feels more special believing a magical unknowable being made us to worship him.
First off thats logically slavery we exist not as part if some grand plan as they claim but in reality a god was feeling unappreciated.
For life to occur on this planet in this form an incredible number of coincidences had to occur (they use that as an excuse its imposble without considering the STAGGERING number of planets that exist sorry but capitals are justifiable) like for example not only must our planet be at a set distance from the sun the sun has to be the right size and produce the right amout of heat. Now what many dont know our whole solar system had to be the right distance from the galaxies core.
Then the right materials had to be in the nova that birthed the sun they came from other suns deaths. Then those materials had to make the planet. Then the planet survived a glancing hit from another planet called (theta if i recall correctly tho i make no claim to that) blasting off rock that formed into the moon. Without the moon there would be no life as we know it. If that impact had been slightly off it would have destroyed our planet. Then the planet had to aquire water it didnt come in the creation of the planet rather from the remains of an ice planet further out. Then the whole damn process of evolution a tiny error one place would have ruined everything.
Thats just the things i can remember from studying documentaries.
I dont know about you but i feel DAMN special.

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After reading that I also

After reading that I also feel DAMN special. Thank you!

I know how you feel.

It bothers me when somebody dies and the best they've got is she's in a better place. Really? Better than this?
They can't wait for this wonderful planet full of life to crash and burn because there's something better coming. Really? Something better than a butterfly, an oak tree, or chocolate?

I'm sorry but that's pure arrogance. Everything here doesn't matter to them. All that matters is they'll be in a place called heaven someday and the rest of us won't. How arrogant can one be?

Besides arrogant it's dangerous and lazy. As long as they mock science they don't have to do anything about climate change. They're watching and waiting for the end of Earth. They love earthquakes, tornado's, and hurricanes. They sit and praise their god because the end is near while others try to repair lives and comfort those harmed. Such an arrogant and self centered lot.

One more thing they have a difficult believing is that we ARE animals.

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Oops a mistake i said a nova

Oops a mistake i said a nova birthed our sun i ment to say nebula sorry.

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I find it funny all theists

I find it funny all theists assume its their religion thats right. Since the fact is most theists believe only because their parents believed that means its a lottery. An accident of genetics (which they probably dont believe in since they are 'special') determines who goes to the good or bad afterlife if there even is one.
Ive seen a cartoon of a priest meeting a guy dressed as a imam waiting under a sign saying allah welcomes you.
Given that all religions say if you dont believe their crap you go to the bad place dont the odds seem poor. Not to mention that the romans could have been right.
Theres no evidence for any of them do all have equal probability.

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Oh by the way have you seen

Oh by the way have you seen what the christian zionists have been upto? They believe if the jews take back control of a Muslim holy place their prophecy will be fulfilled and Armageddon starts so they are spending money to force a war.
They actually believe their god will be happy that they forced an early end to his plan the ARROGANCE is astonishing.

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Ah yes. Those that tell us

Ah yes. Those that tell us they're followers of The Prince Of Peace are dancing in the streets praying for war. Crack pots.

Each and every one of them should be locked up forever and the key should be destroyed. They're dangerous and should not be allowed to roam free.

This is what happens when people are brainwashed not to question or think. Just believe and send money.

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By the way i could have gone

By the way i could have gone into more detail explaining the forces involved like the week electromagnetic and strong and the forces of gravity and the rest i think i included enough using simple terms what do you think?

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I think you did a fair enough

I think you did a fair enough job :)

It's long been argued that science and rational thought "take the magic" out of life, but to me, and it sounds like to you, these awesome unexpected truths are what put the magic into it!

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Its a sad situation the

Its a sad situation the governments are either so controlled by religious members or so scared of creating another 911 that they constantly protect these peoples rights and ignore the rights of sane people.
The republicans are trying to pass a modified anti bullying law that will if successful allow bullies to bully if there doing it because of their religious beliefs!!!!

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Although this is completely

Although this is completely off the OP topic, I'd like to know more. Are you referring to the U.S.? If so, federal or state level? If state, which state? Which republicans?

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Just more people bowing down

Just more people bowing down to the religious right when they make laws. We wouldn't want to offend the religious bullies would we?

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I see nothing but doom and

I see nothing but doom and despair ahead ive bet £50 almost a months worth of my food budget that were facing a dark age or all out holy war in this century unless major political and cultural changes are made. Just hope the next civilisation does it right.

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Michigan state level.

Michigan state level.

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Uggh! Really? I live in

Uggh! Really? I live in Michigan. I knew there was a reason I avoided watching the news and listening to anything that comes out of Lansing!

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I found my source http:/

I found my source
Wow thats a long address wtf lol

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Humbly offering advice Lmale.

Humbly offering advice Lmale...if veering off from the OP, start a new thread; and when responding to a poster, hit the reply link under that post. Both help us all keep all this sorted out. :-)

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Okay thanks.

Okay thanks.

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Thats not the point the point

Thats not the point the point was theists say atheists are saying were just animals nothing special. Im saying what atheists have discovered about our origins so far and how special it makes us.

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Im considering rewriting this

Im considering rewriting this topic with more information but still just easily understood or explained points. Unfortunately im not the most eloquent here, and my memory problems make it difficult, would someone else like to do that?

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I think you did brilliantly.

I think you did brilliantly. I'm amazed by the story of science too. It's really quite stunning.

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I mean the story of the

I mean the story of the universe, that we can see through our scientific discovery. Even the fact that we can discover is itself amazing.

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