Telepathy ... and identical twins

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A medium described a deceased

A medium described a deceased relative of the person she was talking to ... and told her that this deceased relative was worried about the subject being overweight .... and gave her (the deceased relative gave her) advice about how to lose weight.

Cute, eh?

The spiritualist churches' mediums are usually good people ... not so with some other psychics and mediums ... who are often in it "for the money".

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Under hypnosis people can be

Under hypnosis people can be persuaded to describe their "previous lives" ...often in great detail. One hypnotist who didn't believe in previous lives asked a subject to describe a previous life when they lived on another planet ... and got a detailed description of life on Mars. After someone described a previous life this hypnotist asked them where they got the information from ... they began by saying that when they were a child they looked over someone's shoulder and read something from a book they were reading ... etc. The person, under hypnosis, had complied with the request to describe a previous life by bringing together bits and pieces of information they had gleaned throughout their life and assembled it into a convincing description of a fictitious previous life.

I don't believe in previous lives ... but maybe I'm wrong not to? Who knows?

My grandmother claimed she was nearly 500 years old ... and used to talk about the 'Duke of Bedford' (that would have been Jasper Tudor, the Uncle of Henry VII).

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I've heard a lot about those

I've heard a lot about those with previous lives, but have yet to experience it myself, or with anyone else. I've *heard* of those under hypnosis speaking different languages (with a linguist nearby), but again, it's not easily proven.

If folks want to prove it there is such a thing, it would be easy to do, don't you think? Youtube, etc. This leads me to believe it isn't possible, but that's just based on the info I have.

It'd be cool if there were such a thing. And yet, how does One sort out how many lives they've lived, given the age of our species?

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SC007: Ho hum!

SC007: Ho hum!

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Might I suggest a book that

Might I suggest a book that may be of some interest to you? 'The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, And Rare Events Happen Every Day' by David J. Hand

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"Might I suggest a book that

"Might I suggest a book that may be of some interest to you? 'The Improbability Principle: Why Coincidences, Miracles, And Rare Events Happen Every Day' by David J. Hand"

You're not going to believe this, but I know a David Hand. Now that's a coincidence.

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OH GOD! Now he is onto

OH GOD! Now he is onto Hypnosis with no understanding of it what so ever. Shall we change the name of the site to Atheist Woo Wooo?

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What's hilarious is the way

What's hilarious is the way Breezy leapt so enthusiastically on board with an atheist, for the first time, I can remember, just because he was indulging vapid superstitious flimflam.

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Breezy: "My guess is that

Breezy: "My guess is that twins, having similar experiences, identical genes, and therefore similar brains, are very much capable of experiencing identical thoughts. But I've never studied it myself, so why would I dismiss it?"

For once I have to agree with you. My twin daughters, so identical they both had a brown right eye and a blue left eye, were uncanny in doing this. They were capable of saying things at same exact instant, giving them a stero effect. My wife and I just accepted this as being just as you said. Identical genes, identical brains, identical thoughts. And I shall admit that sometimes it was spooky listening to them speaking in stereo.

As for an explanation. Don't have one. Not my field of study. And I have no proof this ever happened except for my hearsay.

LogicFTW: "I have met plenty of long time couples that were able to finish each others sentences and communicate an entire complex thought with a simple head nod seen across the room."

My wife and I were capable of doing this. Does that mean we had telepathy? No. Just that we knew each other so well, we also knew how each other thought.

Anyway, my having lived with my twin daughters and their spooky capability of stereoscopic speech is not evidence of telepathy.

Cognostic: "Speaking of telepathic abilities, I can always tell when my GF is on her period. All she has to do is open her mouth and utter a few sentences and I know."

Again. Just like with me wife. I guess I did have telepathy...

chimp3: "SC007: Ho hum!"



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One simple fact: Everybody

One simple fact: Everybody experiences "telepathy"
NO IT IS NOT A FACT. Facts are supported by evidence, experimentation, repeat-ability, empirical measurements, and specific, non-subjective forms of validation. Obviously you have no idea at all what a FACT is.


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Ha ha ha ..... speaking of

Ha ha ha ..... speaking of GF on periods mine is having hers now. I have not even talked to her but as I am reading the AR posts, she has skyped me 3 times. I can tell by the tone of the call that she is on her period. Normally she would call, and if I do not answer just leave a message. There is this urgency to everything when she is on her period. She wants to talk to me now. She also shows a bit of jealousy. She wants to know what I am doing and her first question to me will be "What have I been doing and why didn't I log into skype to talk to her this morning." So for the next few mornings I will be a little extra loving and then she will not care any more and wonder why I am bothering her. Ha ha ha ha ,,,,, That's my honey!


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